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Three reasons why you must hire a professional roofer

Unsure whether or not you really need to hire a professional roofer?

We understand that nowadays home improvement projects can become every homeowner’s dream.

Nothing beats the pride of accomplishing a home DIY project! But when it comes to major home improvement plans, there are countless reasons why you need to leave it to the experts, no matter how hard you try to convince yourself otherwise!

So instead of doing any work by yourself, why not seek professional guidance and advice from an expert who does roof plumbing in Bayside?

Replacing or repairing your roof is one major home improvement plan that should not be undertaken rashly without experience.

Choose a team of qualified and fully insured roofing professionals whose expertise can provide you with quality metal roofing designed to last decades!

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What is a roof contractor?

A roofing contractor is someone who is licensed and specialised in roofing installation, construction, repairs, and replacements, using quality practices and materials.

Are roof plumbers and plumbers the same?

No – not all plumbers are the same, and not all plumbers are qualified to perform roof plumbing.

Roof plumbers take care of your downspouts, gutters, pipes, and insulation, ensuring that they are all in good condition and that no water can leak inside your home.

Be sure you understand the distinction between a traditional plumber and a roof plumber, to ensure you make a well-informed decision when it comes to choosing a professional for your roofing needs.

Why should you hire a professional roofer?

High quality metal roofing in Melbourne adds structural stability as well as monetary value to your home.

Your home’s ability to withstand certain weather conditions can depend on a good or bad roofing job.

Metal roofing installation, repairs, and replacements done by a certified roofing professional is one worthy investment that you can make for your home!

Failure to look for a professional roofer can lead you to a bad roofing job, extra costs, unexpected damage, and tons of headaches.

Get the job done right from the start. Here are 3 important reasons why you must hire an expert roofer for your next job.

1. Experience and expertise matters!

Never make your roofing a testing ground for a DIY project. How-to videos cannot measure up to the expertise of a roofing professional who has in-depth understanding of every element of your roof’s structure.

An expert roof plumber should be able to confidently show or tell you about previous roofing projects and also provide client references so you can hear directly from their own past customers.

Do they boast about reviews and testimonials on their website? Are they proud to show off their past work or current projects on social media?

The confidence to show off a portfolio of their work helps you understand that they have the skills, training, and expertise to complete all types of roofing projects and repairs.

2. Licensed and qualified pros

From safety to quality of work: you must only choose a roofing professional who is licensed and insured.

Cheap trades will cut corners and sacrifice materials in order to keep their prices attractively low (or should that be surprisingly low?)

As the adage goes: If it sounds too good to be true – it probably is!

Expert roofers must be licensed in Victoria to perform all kinds of roofing work, from complete roof replacement and installation to gutter and leak repairs.

3. Guaranteed work quality

With their training and skills, professional roofing teams deliver high-quality workmanship that protects your home and property.

Their workmanship is supported by a 6-year contractor warranty, while a Compliance Certificate will be issued for all jobs that exceed $750 in value. This can include both materials and labour.

Watermaster Roofing will also fix any roofing defective mistakes done by us immediately, free of charge.

This, in turn, will give you peace of mind that the tradesman you’re working with guarantees efficiency, professionalism, and expertise.

Find a roofing contractor that is both a certified and qualified roof plumber in Melbourne.

Are roofers responsible for fixing leaks?

Roof plumbers can easily detect any potential roof leaks.

In Melbourne, expert roof plumbers can easily identify roof plumbing problems, such as blocked gutters and damaged roof insulation – two common culprits of roof leaks.

These issues can be due to having worn out roof flashing or roof caps.

Metal roofing in Melbourne

Hire the right roofing expert – call Watermaster Roofing!

Your roof is one of the largest parts of your home – and one of the most overlooked, too!

Make sure you entrust one of the most important components of your home to a professional roofing team.

With more than 20 years’ experience, our team is committed to improving the look, function, and purpose of your roofing.

From complete installation to repairs, fixes, and replacement, Watermaster Roofing provides a full suite of roofing solutions:

  • Metal roof inspections
  • Roof replacements
  • Roof repairs and maintenance
  • Roof plumbing and guttering

We are also qualified plumbers, offering all kinds of domestic plumbing services in your home.

Got questions? Want to book a roof inspection? We’re ready to assist. Call Thom and the Watermaster Roofing team today on 1300 576 075.

Alternatively, you can request a quote for your next roofing project or simply contact us online if you’ve got further questions.

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