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4 tips to keep your metal roof healthy for years to come

Metal roofing is a popular choice not only for its durability, but its “virtually zero maintenance” appeal, especially when compared to other roofing materials like tiles or shingles.

Metal roofing is strong, long-lived and resilient, and above all, requires minimal maintenance.

This week, our roofing experts look at four simple ways you can keep your metal roof functioning at its peak for decades to come!

Clean your metal roof

Before you start worrying, no, metal roof cleaning doesn’t require you to climb up to your roof and scrub every nook and cranny out yourself.

In fact, it can be as simple as going over it with a regular garden hose every once in a while.

That’s right! In fact, going for more powerful options like renting a power washer or buying strong cleaning chemicals is not only unnecessary, but it’s also not a great idea!

Using a power washer can potentially shave years off the life of your metal roof.

The high water pressure acts like a sandblaster, grinding down the protective coatings and finish that keep your metal roof in good condition.

It’s these protective coatings and layers that shelter the metal underneath – that’s why a garden hose is all you need.

Your roof is doing all the heavy lifting for you – all you’ll need to do is wash off the leaves and other debris that finds its way onto your roof!

Avoid using incompatible metals

Sometimes you may find yourself calling a roof plumber to replace small sections of your roof. That can include getting sections of gutters replaced changing out your flashing and ridge caps.

When doing this, it’s important to make sure you choose metals that are compatible with each other.

That’s because certain metals just don’t like playing with one another; in layman’s terms, they may “clash”.

This is thanks to a process known as galvanic corrosion.

Simply put, different metals have different composition. When two different metals are put into contact with each other, the elements that make up these metals react to each other.

Over time, these chemical reactions can accelerate rust and decay in your metal roof.

For more information, Bluescope Steel (the manufacturers of COLORBOND metal roofing – Watermaster’s preferred metal roofing) have put together a handy document, which you can read here.

Clean out your gutters

Your roof isn’t the only thing that needs cleaning every now and again – you’ll also need to pay attention to your gutters, too.

Guttering plays a crucial role in your roofing: by funnelling and draining rainwater off your metal roof, gutters protect your home and roof from stagnant water and water damage.

Needless to say, failure to clean your gutters can lead to a whole host of problems, including roof leaks, stained ceilings, weakened foundations, and mould and mildew growth.

If you ask us, your gutters should be cleaned out twice a year – once in early autumn to prepare it for the coming leaves and a second in early spring to remove any leaves and debris that build up over the colder months.

Unsure whether your gutters are overdue for cleaning? Click here to learn what the signs are.

Get your metal roof inspected by a professional

A lot of the potential problems with your roof won’t be immediately apparent. After all, not everybody has 20 years of experience performing metal roof repairs in Melbourne under their belts!

If you’re ever unsure about the health of your metal roof, we recommend getting in touch with your local metal roofing contractor.

Armed with a wealth of experience and specialist tools, our metal roofing experts perform a thorough metal roofing inspection. We can identify areas of your metal roof that need maintenance.

On top of that, we also provide fizes that you can’t do on your own.

While anybody can set up a ladder and hose, not everyone can safely replace panels of metal roofing. Don’t risk it – call your nearest metal roofing team to keep your metal roof strong, healthy and looking fantastic!

Watermaster Roofing keeps your metal roof healthy

If your goal is to keep your metal roof at its best for years to come, metal roof maintenance is essential.

For complete metal roofing maintenance and repairs, you can’t beat having a roofing expert by your side!

In addition to metal roofing installation, Watermaster Roofing also provides high-quality metal roofing repairs in Melbourne.

From leaks, to guttering problems to loose seals, you can trust our team of metal roofing pros.

Give us a call today on 1300 576 075 to see how we can keep your roof in tip-top condition!

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