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5 reasons you need a roof inspection before buying a new house

Pre-purchase inspection? Check. Electrical inspection? Check. Plumbing check-up? Check.

Roofing inspection? Uh…

You wouldn’t buy something unless you’ve seen it with your own eyes and made sure everything’s in order. And you especially wouldn’t if it’s a big purchase like buying a new house.

Unfortunately, most of the time, homeowners overlook the role of a roof plumber in Melbourne in checking their home, as well as the importance of conducting a house inspection.

They assume that the roof is an immovable object, and that in most cases, it’ll be just fine.

Your pre-purchase checklist list should include consulting a professional roof plumber to help you determine the actual condition of your roof.

After all, your roof is one of the most important parts of any home, which is why you need to ensure that it’s free from damage and well-maintained.

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Why roof inspections are so important when buying a new house

Nobody likes leaks – anyone who’s ever had to run around with the buckets every time it starts to drizzle can no doubt relate to the feeling of annoyance and frustration.

The last thing you want is to buy a home that’s plagued with annoying roof leaks – but an inspection gives you the peace of mind that this won’t happen.

Of course, leaks aren’t the only thing you’ll need to worry about when it comes to your roof – nor are they the only ways that a pre-purchase roofing inspection can help you!

On top of helping you identify roof leaks, a roofing inspection can also help prospective homebuyers like you a number of other ways…

It can save you from buying a lemon

As one of the most important parts of the structure, it’s crucial that your roof is in good condition – if it isn’t, it could lead to all sorts of different issues (and costs!)

A roof inspection lets you know if your metal roofing is fit-for-purpose and can save you from spending too much money on a house with a troubled roof.

Sometimes, it’s a minor issue that’s relatively easy to fix – other times, it’s a major problem, and the cost of repairing it can be a lot higher than you thought, and as such, than you budgeted for.

Issues such as these operate on a principle of “buyer beware” – if you find out later that your new home’s roof suffers from major problems, you may not have many options.

Thus, the best thing you can do is get the roof checked out before you sign the dotted line.

An inspection can help you budget

The deposit isn’t the only money that you’ll have to spend when buying a house – you’ll also need to pay for:

  • Conveyancing fees
  • A moving truck
  • Any repairs that need to be made

When budgeting for a house purchase, it’s important that each of these are accounted for.

While the first two are pretty easy to get quotes for, the only way to get an idea of how much repairs will cost you is to get the home inspected by a professional.

As one of the most important parts of a house inspection, it’s important that you figure out how much you might have to spend on roof repairs – and that requires an inspection by a qualified roof plumber in Melbourne.

Ensure your gutters are working properly

Your roof is more than just tiles (or in this case, sheets of metal) – it’s an entire system of different parts, all of which work together to keep you dry and protect your property from water damage.

The roof is the most visible part – however, your gutters and roof plumbing are just as important.

With the help of our expert roof plumbers, you’ll be able to check if the house’s drainage system is properly working.

During a roof inspection, we’ll assess the function and condition of your gutters and downpipes, alerting you to issues such as:

  • Blockages
  • Inadequate gutter width or depth
  • Rust and wear-and-tear
  • Loose fittings and connections

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Find out how much life your roof has left in it

Metal roofing is tough, durable and long-lived – however, it isn’t invincible. Just like any other material, it can suffer from wear-and-tear as the years pass.

If you’re buying a home in one of Melbourne’s older suburbs, it’s important that you check how much life your metal roof has left in it, and determine whether or not metal roofing replacement is necessary.

And the first step is to get the current roof inspected.

During a roof inspection, our roof plumbers will evaluate your roof’s overall condition, and based on its age and the quality and frequency of metal roof maintenance it received (if any) make a call based on what we find.

In some cases, your roof is completely fine – in others, it might need a bit of a touch-up. In some extreme cases, it might be better to replace it altogether.

The only way to know for sure is to get it inspected!

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A pre-purchase roof inspection can save you from a world of trouble

Buying a new home is a big deal – there’s no such thing as “too cautious” when it comes to such a major life milestone.

It’s important that you go in with all of the right information – and that means getting the property inspected from top to bottom before committing to a purchase.

Watermaster Roofing has more than 20 years of experience in the metal roofing business,  meaning that we’ve seen – and fixed – just about any metal roofing problems you can think of.

Whether you’re in the middle of formalising your purchase or are a seller who wants to offer buyers an extra layer of confidence, our team is the one to call for metal roofing installation, replacement, and repairs.

Call Thom and the Watermaster Roofing team on 1300 576 075 or fill in the form to book an onsite inspection with us today.

You can also visit us for a metal roof in Melbourne: pop into our headquarters at 9/22 George St Sandringham, VIC 3191, if you prefer a more hands-on approach.

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