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Ask a roof plumber: how to fix a leaking roof

Your roof is one of the most important investments you have and as such, plays a critical role in protecting your whole house. However, a poorly installed roof can also be considered the most vulnerable in weather conditions such as storms, high wind, hail, snow, and rain.

Yet roofing remains one of the most overlooked areas of the home. An average homeowner hardly thinks about roofing as long as there are no leaks or any other detectable roofing problems.

The absence of leaks and other visible issues doesn’t mean that your roof is free from potential problems.

This is why regular inspections and maintenance are a must to ensure we can readily identify and fix a leaking roof in Melbourne.

Protect your home now and for years to come with roof inspection and repairs from Watermaster Roofing.

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The problem: a leaking roof

No one wants to deal with a leaking roof.

You know that something is wrong with your roof if there’s water dripping from your ceiling, especially following storms and heavy rainfall.

A roof leak ceiling is a sign of a damaged roof that needs to be repaired or replaced immediately by your roof plumber in Bayside.

You might think it’s OK to ignore a small leak that occasionally drips. But doing so is at your own risk – minor leaks can lead to serious roofing damage!

Ignoring seemingly small roof leak problems can eventually cost you a lot. It can lead to internal or structural damage, and even to a sagging roof.

But that’s not all. Small roof leak issues can escalate to:

  • Water damage
  • Warped walls and ceilings
  • Mildew and mould growth
  • Rotten wooden frames
  • Underlay and insulation problems

There are countless consequences of roof leaks in your home. We know you don’t want to suffer damage, so the best thing you can do is get those leaks fixed and protect your home – and your family – from further roofing problems in the future.

How do you repair a leaky roof?

You can’t just wait for leaks to disappear and hope for the best.

One general rule of thumb when it comes to roof leaks is to fix small leaks before things get worse.

Here are some ways on how you can repair your leaking roof:

Step #1: Bring out those pots and buckets

The immediate thing to do is to bring out your buckets, pots, and pans to catch the water droplets to protect your flooring, carpet, and walls from getting soaked.

This simple (yet temporary) way of dealing with roof leaks can also help protect your electrical appliances, outlets, and wirings from water damage.

So before you look for a roof leak solution, make sure that you protect all of your stuff from water and flooding.

Step #2: Use roofing sealants

If you’re looking for an easy, quick, and cheaper solution to fix your leaking roof temporarily, you might opt for an inexpensive solution using roof sealants.

Waterproof sealants usually prevent leaks and repair any gaps that cause the water to drip from your ceiling.

But remember, this is only temporary and you must seek help from a professional to fix it permanently.

What can I use to seal a leaking roof?

You can use a sealant or a metal sheet to patch the hole.

Once you identify small and isolated cracks, gaps, and leaks, roof sealant serves as a patch and waterproof aid that will make the water impenetrable.

You may need to consider these factors to choose a sealant that’s best for your roofing:

  • The size of the cracks
  • The type of cracks
  • What caused the cracks
  • How easy it is to apply the sealant

However, if you would like to avoid the hassle of figuring everything out on your own, then it might be best to hire a professional plumber in Frankston who can effectively do the job for you!

What’s the best roof sealant?

Rubber sealants are considered the best roof sealant as they are composed of liquid rubber material that can withstand both sun and rain.

Roof sealants are usually water-based and easy to apply, making sealing manageable for small cracks and leaks.

Step 3: how do I stop my roof from leaking? Call a roof plumber

When your roof starts leaking, the best thing to do is call a roof plumber who can perform in-depth assessments and roof leak repairs in Melbourne.

Anything related to roofing is only half solved with a temporary fix.

Qualified roof plumbers have the experience, equipment, and knowledge to perform effective services and repairs. Our goal is to protect your metal roof from further problems that can have a snowball effect on the rest of your home!

Planned, proactive, and regular roof maintenance is the best thing you can do to ensure our professional spot any concerns or potential issues before they escalate.

Such problems include:

  • Roof leaks
  • Metal roof rust
  • Gutter problems
  • Insulation issues
  • Any other structural damage

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Who fixes roof leaks near me?

Watermaster Roofing’s roof plumbers in Melbourne are just a phone call away

Our team can easily identify the leak source and seal it for you, protecting your home from roofing problems that can damage your whole house.

Watermaster Roofing are qualified, licensed roofing contractors that deliver high-quality work to commercial and residential properties across Melbourne and Bayside.

Call us on 1300 576 075 or contact us online to book an onsite inspection for all your roofing needs.

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