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A roof plumber in Melbourne shares 4 simple gutter maintenance tips

Concerned about water damage to your walls, roof, and the overall structure of your home? If so, you’ll want to start by taking better care of your gutters and downpipes. Yep, you heard us right! Yes, gutters play an important role in protecting your home from all of these different types of damage. So if you haven’t put any thought towards gutter and downpipe maintenance, we suggest adding it to your list of New Year’s resolutions right now. Of course, it can be hard to figure out where you’re supposed to start. Luckily, our roof plumbers in Melbourne are here [...]

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Pros and cons of flat metal roofing for your new build

Metal roofing installation is a great way to make your house stand out from the crowd. And when you opt for a flat metal roof, it’ll stand out even more. You have probably noticed that flat roofs are back in style again, with many contemporary designs opting for flat roofs. And when it comes to flat roofs, new metal roofing is the only real option! Advantages of a flat roof for your new metal roof installation Whether you’re planning for a home renovation or is in the process of building your house, flat roofs are increasingly popular among homeowners and [...]

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Leaking roof? Gutter problems? Sounds like you need roof repairs!

Your roof plays a vital role in protecting your home and property from the elements. Of course, if your roof isn’t properly looked after, you won’t be able to enjoy its protection. Ideally, that means regular roof inspections and maintenance (how often depends on your current roofing material - metal roofing, for example, is much less maintenance than tiles!) And if your roof ends up suffering from damage, you’ll want to organise roof repairs in Melbourne to stop wind, hail, loose debris and rain from getting in! Need a roof plumber? Organise an inspection and let us uncover what you [...]

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Overdue for a roof inspection? Need urgent roof repairs in Melbourne?

Your house is one of the biggest and most costly investments that you’ll ever make. As such, it’s crucial that you look after it. In particular, it’s important that you look after your roof, too! Is your home protected from the elements by tiles or shingles? Over time, you might notice everyday wear and tear taking a toll on your roof - these materials, while relatively durable, are not designed to last more than 10-20 years without posing some potentially major problems - or in some cases, requiring complete re-roofing. Metal roofing, on the other hand, is durable and low-maintenance, [...]

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Our roof plumbers explain common emergency roof repairs

While metal roof installation may be our bread and butter here at Watermaster Roofing, by no means is that the only thing our expert roof plumbers do. While metal roofing is tough and durable (COLORBOND metal roofing even more so), other types of roofing, like tiles or shingles, are more susceptible to damage. In addition to roof installation, our team also gets called out to perform emergency roof repairs in Melbourne, usually following a bout of wild weather or some other accident. What types of repairs are we talking about? We break down some of the most common. 1) Got [...]

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Look after your roof: our basic metal roofing maintenance guide

One of the advantages of opting for metal roofing installation is how low-maintenance it is compared to other roofing materials. You won’t have to worry about moss, mould, or loose tiles. Of course, that doesn’t mean that your metal roof can be ignored! While the maintenance requirements are certainly lower, we still recommend periodic metal roofing maintenance to ensure your roof looks good and stays strong for years to come. Luckily, maintaining a metal roof is relatively straightforward - especially when compared to other roofing materials. What makes metal roofing installation less maintenance heavy? Unlike maintaining a tiled roof, metal [...]

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Open vs closed-valley roofs: the role of roof plumbing in Melbourne

Look at any roof with inside corners. In particular, focus on the area where the two sections of roof meet - notice how there’s a small gap left over that runs the length of the intersection? As the intersection of two sections of your roof, this area is one of the biggest problem areas for roof leaks, as they create an avenue for rainwater to slip into your roof and start damaging your ceiling. Don’t start panicking just yet - metal roofing experts are well aware of this issue, and have devised roof plumbing techniques to keep water out seeping [...]

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Ask a roof plumber in Melbourne: when should your gutters be cleaned?

We know, we know: cleaning your gutters isn’t exactly the most thrilling task on your to-do list. If you ask our roof plumber in Melbourne however, it’s absolutely essential that you keep your roof plumbing clean throughout the year with regular attention paid to your gutters. That’s because neglected gutters it can cause damage not just to your roof plumbing, but also to your… Foundations Ceiling Roof Exterior walls and fittings That's why gutter maintenance - in particular, cleaning - is so important! To help you out, the experts from Watermaster Roofing are going to share some of the easiest [...]

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Can any plumber look after my roof? When to call a roof plumber in Melbourne

While the name may suggest pipes and taps, the truth is that roof plumbing is a completely different ball game from indoor plumbing. And as such, it’s crucial that you call somebody who’s qualified to work on roof plumbing specifically when it comes to maintaining your roof plumbing fixtures. Specifically, you’ll have to call a roof plumber to look after roof plumbing fixtures. Why is that? What is it that makes roof plumbers different from regular plumbers? Is there any relationship between the two? We’re glad you asked - today, our roof plumber in Melbourne explains why it’s crucial that [...]

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A roof plumber in Melbourne explains compliance certificates

With winter in full-swing, a healthy roof is vital if you want to protect your home from hail, wind and rain. It’s not just your metal roofing sheets, however - equally as important are your roof plumbing fixtures. Any roof installation team worth its salt will also offer roof plumbing services. That’s because roof plumbing fixtures are a crucial part in channeling water off your roof and protecting your property from water-related damage. And just like “regular” plumbing, it’s essential that all installation and repairs on roof plumbing in Melbourne are accompanied by something that looks a lot like this. [...]

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