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Our roofing experts explain the role of roof plumbing in your home

If you scroll up, you might notice a menu button along our navigation bar that says “roof plumbing”. Why have we given roof plumbing its own section of our website? Simple: roof plumbing is right up there with strength and roof design when it comes to importance. For some reason however, many people don’t give it the attention it deserves. In fact, we often find that we have to bring up the topic before clients realise, “I guess roof plumbing really is important!” But what exactly does a roof plumber do?   The importance of roof plumbing “Roof plumbing gets [...]

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Roof spring cleaning tips from our roof plumbers

Neatly tied-up rubbish bags. Old whitegoods and appliances. A well-worn sofa or two. All of these things and more popping up roadsides means just one thing: it’s time for your annual spring cleaning. If you’re the type who’s built up a huge collection of old, broken or unwanted stuff, spring cleaning can leave you almost feeling like you’re living in a completely different home. But it’s not just your house that could do with a good clean. Our roof plumbers share their top tips for spring cleaning your roof and gutters, too. Why roof cleaning matters Roof cleaning is about [...]

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Our roof plumber shares 5 unmissable signs you need gutter replacement

Effective guttering is a crucial part of any roof plumber’s day-to-day job. Gutters protect your roof by funnelling rainwater off, minimising water build-up and increasing functionality and longevity. Additionally, it protects your home’s walls, roofs, windows and even foundation - instead of rainwater dripping directly onto your walls and windows, it’s channelled away towards rainwater spouts. You do yourself and your home a huge favour by properly caring for your gutters. Periodic maintenance ensures your gutters are effective for many years to come. Sometimes however, your gutters are far beyond repair that they need to be replaced completely. If so, [...]

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A roof plumber in Melbourne explains the importance of insulation

One of the most common misconceptions about metal roofing that refuses to be squashed is the myth that metal roofs aren’t good at keeping the heat out. This myth persists because many of us only have experience with older metal roofs. However, the metal roofing of today is worlds apart from the metal roof at your grandparents’ place. Additionally, older insulation is much less effective at keeping the heat out than modern insulation materials. If you’re planning a metal roof installation, you can’t ignore the question of insulation While only one part of your roof, insulation is one of the [...]

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4 signs you’ve found a good roofing contractor in Melbourne

Choosing the right roofing contractor in Melbourne is just one choice of many you must make when it comes to making improvements and adding value to your home. As many would agree, roofing is one big and essential investment that you hope (and expect) will last for a long time. Any homeowner wants to choose the best roofing contractor in town, but how is the average homeowner supposed to know what to look out for? Here are some tips that you might want to consider in choosing the right roofing contractor for your home.   Sign #1: your roofing contractor [...]

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Don’t end up in the gutter! Our roof plumber in Melbourne explains the importance of guttering

“Get your mind out of the gutter!” Your parents or teachers might have ordered you to do that on a couple of occasions when you were young. But now, it’s time to kick that particular piece of parental wisdom to the side and direct your attention firmly towards your gutter again. Oh, we’re not talking about unleashing your pent-up vulgarities. Rather, we’re talking about keeping the health of your roof guttering in mind when thinking about the state of your house! Gutters play an important role in your house, but it’s a task that’s often completely overlooked by homeowners. Well, [...]

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A roof plumber in Melbourne explains the importance of roof plumbing and gutters

When it comes to roofing jobs like metal roof installations, most think about materials, insulation, cost, and timeline.  Very few however, think about roof plumbing. In fact, you mightn’t even know what exactly it is. What is roof plumbing, and what role does it play in your home? Let’s find out!   What exactly is roof plumbing? Your roof takes the brunt of nature’s abuse for you, keeping you dry and comfortable in your own home - just think about how much rain your roof repels for you over the course of a single year! Essentially, all work that involves protecting [...]

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