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How COLORBOND metal roofing is designed and built for Australian conditions

“COLORBOND metal roofing: designed for Australian conditions.”

This sentence features pretty heavily in all of COLORBOND’s marketing material – we’ve even referenced it a couple of times ourselves.

It’s precisely this quality (among many, many others) that makes COLORBOND such a great choice for metal roofing installation, anywhere across Australia’s harsh environment.

But what exactly does it mean?

Watermaster Roofing favours COLORBOND metal roofing as one of our preferred metal roofing materials. We’d be happy to shine a light on exactly what this phrase means!

Your new metal roof is “tested for Australian conditions”

Australia is a big country. With that, comes huge variation in weather conditions, temperature, humidity, and climate.

And since COLORBOND metal roofing is sold and installed all over Australia, it needs to stand up to each of these conditions!

Using a combination or lab testing and real-world trials in a variety of conditions, COLORBOND metal roofing is specially-formulated to stand up to the harshest of conditions, no matter where you live.

Here’s how…

COLORBOND is engineered for fire-resistance

We often refer to ourselves as a sunburnt country – most summers however, our skin isn’t the only thing that burns!

While tragic and destructive, there’s no denying that bushfires are part of the Australian experience.

As such, COLORBOND metal roofing is specifically designed with fire-resistance in mind.

COLORBOND metal sheets are designed to be compliant with the BAL-FZ standard, which represents the highest risk of fire and comes with the strictest requirements. In particular, it protects against embers, sparks, radiant heat as well as direct exposure to flames.

And this is in addition to metal roofing’s inherent fire-resistant qualities:

  • Its light weight reduces the risk of a roof collapse in the event of a fire
  • Metal sheeting eliminates entry points for sparks
  • Metal is less prone to moss and growth, which can attract fire
  • Roof sarking offers an additional layer of protection

If you live in rural Victoria or one of Melbourne’s fringe suburbs like Mt Eliza, this is something you can’t afford to ignore.

Click here to learn more about Bushfire Attack Levels (BALs), and how a new metal roof from COLORBOND can help protect your home from fire.

Metal roofing

High humidity and salt resistance

Are you lucky enough to live right along the coast? Getting a new roof installed, or an old one replaced?

If so, you’ll have two unique roofing considerations to think of:

  1. Humidity
  2. Salinity

If not properly accounted for, you might find your roof wearing out a lot sooner than you initially expected!

Using specialised coatings and paints, COLORBOND is able to resist the negative effects of humidity and salinity.

This makes COLORBOND metal roofing the ideal choice for homes located along coastal areas.

Building in a coastal area? Click here to learn about some of the other problems inherent with building near the beach.

Metal that doesn’t rust or fade

Your skin isn’t the only thing that suffers when exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time – so too can your metal roof.

Fading isn’t the only problem – metal is known to rust. If you live in a more humid part of the country, you may be worried about how likely your roof is to start rusting. However, concerns of rust are a thing of the past with COLORBOND.

It uses special formulations and coatings to protect your roof from this commonly perceived problem. For example, COLORBOND’s proprietary Activate© coating adds a thin magnesium layer that reduces corrosion and rust.

Not to mention, the paint and coatings used to finish COLORBOND metal roofing are designed to resist UV damage, which minimises the risk of your roof fading as it ages.

Choose COLORBOND for your new metal roofing installation

Australia is a continent of extremes. Not only do we have just about every biome imaginable, but we also experience some of the most extreme conditions on the planet too.

Whether you live in the tropics, an alpine region or the red centre, you can rely on a COLORBOND metal roof to keep you dry and comfortable for decades to come.

Sure, most homes in Melbourne rarely experience conditions that are quite this extreme.

However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the benefits of metal roofing too!

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