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Common problem areas with flat roofing… and the solutions

While not as popular over here for houses as they are in parts of the UK and Europe, flat roofing is still popping up in homes nationwide.

Just take a glance at your garage, porch, awnings and sunroom – chances are, they have flat roofs!

Flat roofing comes with its own unique advantages… as well as its own problems.

If your home has a flat roof (or you plan on installing one), you’ll want to account for these common flat roofing problems before work begins.

Otherwise, you could have a huge problem hanging above your head (literally!)


Who uses flat roofs anyway?

The vast majority of houses use slopes in their roofs. Like the name suggests however, flat roofs are, well, almost completely level.

They offer a number of advantages over traditional sloped roofs:

  • They’re simpler to install
  • They are more accessible, allowing for easier inspection
  • They’re great surfaces for solar panels


Flat roofing problem: water won’t drain

Water is your roof’s biggest enemy.

The reason sloped roofs are standard is because water that ends up on your roof after rain immediately flows down to your gutters, protecting your roof from the effects of water damage.

Flat roofs on the other hand are notorious for drainage problems.

Without a slope, water has nowhere to go, so it pools up in the corners of your flat roof.

This can result in damage to over time, and can even leak through to your ceiling, causing stains and structural damage, and can encourage mould growth.

The fix: good roof plumbing

Effective gutters and drains are essential to the long-term health of any roof… and they’re especially important when you have a flat metal roof!

When considering a flat roof, be sure to talk to your roof installer about roof plumbing.

A gutter alone won’t cut it – be sure to discuss drains and overflows built into your flat metal roofing as a way of getting water off your roof.

And finally, be sure to get your drains inspected and cleaned on a regular basis. A single rooftop overflow can be blocked by a tennis ball, or a drain might be blocked by leaves. Learn more about roof plumbing here.


Flat roofing problem: the flashing is coming loose

Flashing is an essential part of any roof installation, metal or otherwise.

When you install a new roof, there are going to be gaps where different sheets of metal connect, or where your roof meets your wall.

That’s where flashing comes in. Flashing covers these gaps, preventing water from leaking into your roof and causing significant water damage. Just look for the corners or junctions on your roof for an example of flashing in action.

With a flat roof however, water sticks around for longer, which can result in mould growth underneath the flashing of your flat metal roof.

The fix: protect your flashing with water-tight sealant

When installing flat metal roofing, be sure to choose waterproof sealant to stop water from getting under your flashing.

Talk to your local metal roofing expert during the planning stage about the water resistance, expected lifespan and maintenance requirements of their preferred sealant.


Flat roofing problem: you need help!

The fix: get in touch with Watermaster Roofing today

While flat roofing comes with its fair share of advantages, it also comes with unique problems.

Fortunately, these can be conquered when you team up with the right flat metal roof installation experts!

Based in Melbourne’s Bayside, Watermaster Roofing offers comprehensive metal roofing service including installation, replacement and plumbing.

Additionally, COLORBOND metal roofing is specially formulated to withstand the entire spectrum of harsh Aussie environments.

You can be sure you won’t have to put up with cracks… or any other type of damage, for that matter!

Click here to learn more about why metal is the optimum choice for your new roof.

For a flat metal roof that doesn’t present any of the above problems, give us a call today on 1300 576 075 or book an inspection with our experts here.

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