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Common roof insulation problems from our metal roofing team

Your roof serves as an outer shell that protects your home from harsh elements in the environment, such as rain, heat, snow, tree branches and leaves, and normal wear and tear. 

It will keep you safe and warm during winter, and should work hard to keep you cool during summer.

The roof, as a protective home gear, is massive in size, but it’s not the only thing working to protect your home.

Your roof is made up of complex engineering and consists of elements that, combined, provide superior protection. 

But how can you ensure that your roof is properly insulated? And what are some of the common roof insulation problems our metal roofing team regularly faces? 

Before we can answer these questions, we need to take in some essential information on the process of roof insulation.

Metal roofing

Why are roofs insulated?

Roof insulation is a reinforcement for the roof’s stability, and it offers many advantages for the longevity of the roof.

For metal roof insulation, reflective insulation is recommended. 

Roof insulation offers the following:

  • Radiates heat to preserve energy and save on utility cost
  • Provides great comfort and warmth for house occupants
  • Reduces reliance on HVAC systems
  • Prevents moisture penetration and mould and mildew buildup
  • Reduces the level of noise that gets inside the home (In metal roofs, for example, the sound of rain can be loud if the roof is not properly insulated)

Adding insulation to your roof is not a DIY project. Since the main focus of roofing insulation is to promote warmth, you need to ensure that correct installation is done to achieve sufficient ventilation and that your metal roofing team has vast knowledge and experience on the matter.

For example, if you wish to convert your empty attic space into a bedroom, entertainment room, or as storage, roof insulation is recommended.

Common roof insulation problems

One critical factor of roof insulation is proper ventilation.

Good ventilation prevents the build-up of moisture inside your loft. The following factors and problems can have an adverse effect on ventilation, and lead to other problems. 

Check out the following problems and what to do about them.

Insufficient insulation thickness

As cold air sinks and warm air rises, the integrity of the roof is being compromised when there isn’t enough installation installed underneath its surface.

This means that the roof will let more warm air escape, resulting in you relying more heavily on your heating during winter. 

Does your insulation effectively trap warm air in winter, and keep your home cooler during summer?

Mould and mildew

Poorly installed insulation is a perfect breeding ground for mould and mildew.

If your roof has leaks or does not have an effective vapour barrier, water is absorbed easily and is absorbed into ventilation. 

This space therefore becomes a breeding ground for mould and mildew and poses a health hazard for your family.

Water damage can also extend to the foundations of your home. 

Uneven distribution of insulation

If your roof insulation wasn’t properly installed the first time, you might actually experience uneven distribution of insulation over the surface of your home’s structure.

Poor and worn out insulation usually drifts and settles, leaving more room for moisture and water to seep in, and warm air to escape.

Our metal roofing team can inspect insulation and provide repairs or replacement for poorly installed or uneven insulation.

Blocked vents

Vital in releasing moisture, ensure that your roof vents are clear and in good working order. 

Obstructed or blocked vents will impede the natural airflow, and allows insulation to absorb moisture, potentially causing damage or encouraging mould growth.

Our metal roofing team provide Masterful roof repairs

Roof insulation problems are common occurrences in any residential roofing.

However, the severity of these problems can only be discovered when you let an experienced roofing team inspect your home.

Through our thorough and detailed roofing inspections, we examine each element of your roof.

From support structures and moisture stains to gutters and flashing, no stone is left unturned when we get up onto your roof during an inspection.

Once the inspection is complete, we’ll provide you with insight into the condition of your roof, and offer on-the-spot repairs, where possible, or encourage you to book further fixes in the future. 

For complete roofing services, from roof repairs and gutter cleaning to new roof installation and replacement (with our preferred choice of COLORBOND steel), there’s only one team to call.

Operating through Melbourne and Bayside, Thom and the roofing team are ready to take your call! 

Contact us today on 1300 576 075 or fill in this form to book a roof inspection!

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