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Flat roofs for the home – 4 reasons flat metal roofing is “in” right now!

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of flat metal roofing?

Did you say factories and warehouses?

If so, you’re not alone. Flat metal roofing has long been a favourite for industrial roofing projects for a variety of reasons. Not only are flat roofs light and simpler to install, they are also the perfect surface for solar panels.

Thanks to advances and the aesthetics of metal roofing however, flat roofs are slowly becoming a viable option in residential projects, too.

Are you planning a new build? If so, read on to learn why flat metal roofing might be the modern, innovative solution you seek.

Flat roofing lends a unique, modern look to your home

If you’re planning a modern or contemporary home design, then flat roofs are the way to go.

Simply put, flat roofs are neat and streamlined – they draw interest not in spite of their minimalistic simplicity, but because of it.

Combine that with their relative rarity, the huge variety of colours available, and its its shiny, clean look and you’ve got a roof that’s guaranteed to stand out.

Tight on space? How flat roofing gives you a little bit of extra room to work with

With property prices climbing higher year-on-year, many of us are being forced to settle for homes that offer less space. Many of us now live in townhouses or even apartments where space isn’t exactly in abundance!

With that in mind, is it any wonder that flat roofs are seeing a surge in popularity?

Extra room during construction

When installing a flat roof, we can use all of the space underneath the roof, and even the surface of the roof itself. This can help reduce installation and construction costs dramatically!

Other space-saving advantages of flat roofs:

  • Safer to walk on, and are low-maintenance
  • Large HVAC systems can be installed on flat roofs instead of the ground
  • You can even transform your flat roof into a rooftop garden or patio
  • Solar panels can be easily installed on a flat roof compared to a sloped roof
  • Adding a second storey to your home just got a whole lot simpler!

Metal roofing Melbourne

Flat roofing is quick to install

If you’re on a budget, flat metal roofs might be just the ticket.

We’ve written multiple times about how metal roofing installation is one of the best choices when time and money are tight.

And flat metal roofing is no different.

In our experience, flat metal roofing is one of the quickest and most cost-efficient types of roof installation.

And just like other types of metal roof installation, a flat metal roof is no hotter than a house with any other type of roof. In fact, it can even be cooler!

Did you believe that metal roofing was inherently hotter? Click here to find out which metal roofing myths we’ve busted!

Flat roof = easy access

Unlike pitched roofs, roof plumbers can more safely climb and check your roof for any problems or for general maintenance.

Flat roofs are significantly easier to access and walk on compared to pitched roofs, creating a safer and more stable space for roofing contractors to conduct inspections.

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you have to get a ball off the roof or need to clean out a gutter, a flat metal roof is much friendlier than a sloped one.

Of course, if you ask us, any work on your flat metal roof should be looked after by a professional regardless!

Considering a modern flat for your new build?

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