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How COLORBOND saves you from metal roofing plumbing problems

What do you think of when you hear the words “metal roof?”

Chances are it’ll bring up one of three uniquely Australian images:

  1. Rusted inner-city suburbs
  2. Old warehouse or factory buildings
  3. Worn out farmhouses and barns

While we’re big proponents of metal roofing, we’re not going to deny that to most people, the myth of the rusty metal roof persists, even to this day.

Needless to say, this is completely wrong!

Don’t listen to the myths – contrary to popular belief, modern metal roofing is extremely resistant to rust, making it a smart choice for your home.

In particular, COLORBOND metal roofing. Find out how this durable metal roofing – built for Australian conditions – will help you avoid roof plumbing problems.

You won’t have to worry about rust with COLORBOND metal roofing

The rusted old metal roof could very soon become a relic of the past, only seen in grainy black-and-white photographs.

That’s because modern metal roofing is extremely resistant to rust!

In particular COLORBOND metal roofing – Watermaster Roofing’s metal roof of choice – is specially designed to resist rust.

But how?

Advances in metallurgy

Metal roofing nowadays is much more than just sheet metal with a coat of paint on it – today’s metal roofing is highly engineered, and designed with harsh Aussie weather conditions in mind.

For an example of how, let’s look at how COLORBOND metal roofing is made.

COLORBOND offers several different varieties of metal roofing, each made of a different blend of metals.

These blends are specifically created for their strength and properties – for example, COLORBOND Stainless Steel uses a formulation that’s graded for close proximity to salt and industrial emissions.

COLORBOND is made using 5 different layers:

  1. A steel base
  2. An anti-corrosion layer
  3. An adhesive layer
  4. Polyester primer
  5. Topcoat of specially-formulated paint available in a range of colours, including black

Each of these layers comes together to create metal roofing sheets that are more resistant to chipping, peeling, fading and most importantly, rust.

Protective coatings

If you were paying close attention, you may have noticed that several of the layers that make up each sheet of COLORBOND metal roofing are anti-corrosion layers.

This is one of the biggest things that sets COLORBOND apart from other metal roofing brands.

Backed by the considerable R&D budget that comes with being a subsidiary of BlueScope Steel, COLORBOND metal roofing incorporates several proprietary (and potent) anti corrosion coatings.

The one we’re going to focus on is Activate.

Blending magnesium, aluminium, zinc and several other ingredients, Activate forms a tough physical barrier between the steel base and the outside air. This stops the oxidation process from occurring altogether, keeping your roof pristine-looking.

This is just one of the protective layers each sheet of COLORBOND contains – others include Thermatech, which helps reflect heat away from your home.

COLORBOND metal roofing

You can’t ignore metal roofing repairs

Here’s something you’ve got to remember when it comes to metal roofing installation: while tough, by no means are they invincible. Given enough time, even the toughest metal roof may suffer damage and wear.

This is where metal roofing repair comes into the picture!

While you mightn’t have to worry about rust, you may face common problems including:

  • Roof leaks and cracks
  • Guttering problems
  • Storm and weather damage
  • General wear and tear

Metal roofing repairs help you keep on top of all these problems. A professional roofing team will inspect and repair metal roofing problems big and small alike. This will ensure your roof continues to offer your home protection and security.

Call Watermaster Roofing for metal roofing repairs in Melbourne

Whether you’re planning a metal roofing installation or need metal roofing repairs following an unfortunate series of events, Watermaster Roofing is the team to call.

Our metal roofing specialists operate across Melbourne, from the CBD all the way through Bayside and towards the Peninsula.

Using only the best metal roofing on the market and applying our trademark workmanship, our team build strong, beautiful metal roofs available in a range of colours that will last you a lifetime.

Interested to learn more? Give our team a call on 1300 576 075, or click here and we’ll get back to you.

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