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Introducing Watermaster Roofing! Professional metal roofing across Melbourne

Over the years, Watermaster Plumbing has acquired a reputation as one of the best plumbers in Melbourne. Our experienced team are the plumbers of choice for Melbourne icons such as Eureka Tower & Skydeck, the Colonial Tramcar Restaurant, and many others.

During our years, we’ve brought speedy and clean service to clients big and small, all delivered with a smile and backed with years of experience.

Recently, we realised how one particular branch of business was growing at such a pace that before we knew it, we had doubled our team to keep up with the roofing demands we were receiving.

Which brings us to today. Watermaster Plumbing is pleased to introduce its newest venture, Watermaster Roofing!

We’re excited by the opportunity to bring our trademark skills, service, and efficiency to your domestic and commercial roofing projects. No matter the size and scope of your latest roofing plan, we’re confident in our ability to take care of everything for you!


Watermaster Roofing are your metal roofing experts

Watermaster Plumbing didn’t become the plumber of choice for some of Victoria’s largest, most iconic attractions without good reason.

Our plumbing team prides itself on delivering great service and effective solutions. And Watermaster Roofing is proud to continue this tradition!

We know how important your house is to you. As plumbers, that meant cleaning up after ourselves and making as little mess as possible.

But as roofers, that means collaborating with architects, builders, and other trades to develop and implement a roofing plan that is as smooth as possible, minimising disruption and maximising your results.

At Watermaster Roofing, we promise to deliver:

  • High-quality service, as always
  • Respect for your property
  • Clean, tidy and well-presented tradies
  • Friendly and knowledgeable service
  • Guaranteed workmanship
  • The best and most suitable roofing solutions


Why choose metal roofing?

For us, the decision to move into metal roofing was a natural extension of our plumbing service. After all, we work with metal piping, rainwater tanks and guttering all the time as part of our plumbing business, not to mention, metal roofing is much simpler to install (and maintain and replace) than tiles or shingles.

Why else might you consider a metal roof?


With much larger sheets, installation time is much lower. And quicker installation means lower cost. It’s not rocket science!


Metal roofing provides much better at insulation for your home.


A metal roof lasts much longer without maintenance than tiles, and is more resistant against wild weather like hail.

There’s a reason metal roofs are among the most popular in Australia!


Our new roofing services across Melbourne

Watermaster Roofing is proud to provide solutions for your home or business. Our team has been eagerly training and qualifying as roof tradespeople, so you can rest easy knowing that your roofing project is in safe hands.

Roof replacement and repair

Is your roof showing its age? Maybe it’s building up a layer of algae, moss or in the case of metal roofs, rust?

If your residential or commercial property needs its roof looked at, Watermaster Roofing offers roof replacement services for your home or business, metal or otherwise.

Roof inspection

Sun, rain, hail – your roof takes quite a beating throughout the year. And without a proper maintenance routine, your roof can be damaged, leading to mould, leaky ceilings and water damage to your walls.

We strongly recommend getting your roof inspected every couple of years.

If it’s been some time since a professional took a look at your roof, talk to Watermaster Roofing. We’ll perform an onsite inspection of your roof to determine potential damage, as well as what we can do to get your roof looking its best once again

Emergency repairs

Whether it’s a storm or other unexpected damage, you can rely on Watermaster Roofing for help! We know how disruptive losing part (or all) of your roof in an emergency is, so if disaster strikes, give us a call on 1300 156 650. Our lines are open 24/7!

Nail and bolt replacement

The nuts and bolts that hold your metal roof together can wear out. Talk to us about getting them replaced.

No matter the problem, our team has the right solution to restore your metal roof to its former glory!

Roof installation

Metal roofs have a lifetime of 50 years. With proper care, they can even last a century. Of course, metal roofing (like any other roofing material) degrades over time.

Fortunately, Watermaster Roofing is fully certified to carry out metal roofing installations when your roof reaches the stage where it is beyond saving. Our installation process is comprehensive: we take on advice from other experts to make sure your metal roof is safe, doesn’t place an unnecessary burden on your home’s frame and importantly, looks great!

For commercial and residential metal roofs, look no further than Watermaster Roofing! We’ll look after everything, from the planning, to sarking and insulation to installing the roof itself.

Roof plumbing, guttering and spouting

Of course, we started out as plumbers. And we’ll never forget that! Most would be surprised by the number of distinctly plumbing-themed considerations that come into your roofing project.

Yes, roof plumbing fixtures are the unsung heroes of your roof. Without them, your roof can start leaking.

And once that happens, your house is in for a rough time:

  • Wall and ceiling damage
  • Mould and mildew
  • Increased risk of electrical damage
  • And more!

Make no mistake, even small roof leaks can manifest into major disasters if they’re not rectified early.

If you’d like an inspection to determine if your roof is leaking, call Watermaster Roofing. Our thorough inspection will uncover even hidden roof leaks, and provide you with the right course of action.

Or even better, talk to us about getting your roof plumbing upgraded to ensure that water is draining from your roof properly!

If your gutters and spouts are constantly clogging, are in need of an upgrade, or are just falling apart, talk to a metal roofing expert!

Gutters and spouts

Compared to the rest of your roof, your gutters mightn’t seem like a massive deal.

Take our word for it however, gutters are critical in your home or business’ drainage system! Without them, water stays on your roof. And when it does, it builds up, resulting in weakened foundations, leaks, mould, and insect infestations!

Fortunately, cleaning and maintaining your gutters can go a long way towards protecting your home or business from these problems. “Gutter cleaning” is probably last on your to-do list, so why not leave it to the pros?

We also clean out clogged spouts and provide gutter repairs, replacement and installation if it turns out your existing gutters and spouts look like they’re struggling. Talk to the experts today: book an obligation-free inspection today!

… And more!

As the metal roofing experts, you can trust us to complete all your metal roofing jobs with utmost care – after all, without a roof over your house, your life grinds to a complete halt!

We understand how disruptive a shoddy roofing job can be. That’s why Watermaster Roofing starts with a careful assessment of your property and plan.

We consult with architects and builders before commencing any roofing projects, and combined with our own years of experience, we create a roofing plan that manages the structural load on your home or business’ walls – we don’t want your roof collapsing in on you.

You can be sure that your home’s roof will be treated with the caution and preparation you expect. After all, it’s your house on the line!


Ensure your metal roof is done right

Watermaster Plumbing made a name for itself on its quality of service, experience and guaranteed workmanship.

And Watermaster Roofing is proud to carry these values forward through our roofing projects!

So if you’re planning a metal roofing job, you know who to talk to! Call the metal roofing experts now on 1300 576 075 to discuss your roofing project.

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