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Back in black: is black right for your metal roof installation?

When it comes to metal roofing installation, the sky’s the limit!

If you ask us, there’s no type of roofing more versatile and flexible than metal roofing. It can be installed in all sorts of roofs and applications that would be impossible for a traditional tile roof.

It isn’t just the shape, either – there’s no limit to the colours your metal roof can be.

In particular, a lot of homeowners in Melbourne have decided to go with black roofs. It’s not just metal, either – black is appearing in more and more roofs throughout the city and its suburbs.

But is black really that great of an idea for your roof?

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Black is the new black: the case for black roofs

Traditionally, roofs in Melbourne would be one of two options:

  1. Red or brown tiles
  2. Grey or silver metal

In the last two decades however, we’ve seen a third contender enter the ring: black.

Black is versatile

One of the beautiful things about black is that it pairs with just about everything. It doesn’t matter whether your home uses a cream stucco finish, red bricks or white weatherboard – black goes well with each of them.

Just as it’s one of the most versatile colour choices in your wardrobe, black is a great choice for your metal roofing installation, too!

Black can hide imperfections

No roof is immune from wear and tear. While metal roofing is extremely durable and specially engineered to resist weathering, it isn’t immune from the elements.

Luckily, a black paint scheme can help with that.

Dark colours help hide imperfections, allowing your home to continue looking fantastic for even longer.

You have plenty of options 

Thanks to black’s growing popularity, there are plenty of options out there for you to choose!

While not all manufacturers may produce green metal roofing sheets or tiles, we can guarantee that they have a line of black roofing products.

Not to mention, this abundance of supply also means that you may even get a better price compared to a rarer colour.

It looks great!

Really, that’s all there is to it!

Black is sleek, modern, and stylish, and suits all kinds of homes!

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The case against black metal roofing

While black is sweeping Australian roofs, it isn’t doing so without controversy – while black has its advocates, there are also many who have an issue with it.

Just as with every other decision you make regarding your roof, there are going to be both pros and cons. Black roofing is no different – it’s just a question of whether or not these problems outweigh the advantages.

What sort of cons are we talking about?

The heat

In a country as hot as ours, many question why dark roofs are such a popular choice.

While new technology in the world of metal roofing has helped mitigate this, there’s no stopping the laws of physics. A darker colour WILL absorb more heat, full stop.

That said, there are many things that can be done to reduce this. For starters, metal (even black metal) reflects heat away.

Combined with good insulation and advanced new coatings that reflect even more heat away, and this effect can be minimised.

So while not as much of an issue as you might have initially thought, it’s still something worth thinking about.

Increased cooling costs

With greater heat conduction comes higher air conditioning usage. And with that comes a higher energy bill.

If you’re going to choose a black roof, you may want to think about some of the other costs that come with it, such as electricity.

Make it metal – the case for metal roofing installation

Choosing your roof colour is an important choice. That’s why it’s important to know the pros and cons of each colour.

Whatever colour you eventually settle on, we recommend making it metal.

Metal roofing is the best choice for metal roofing, hands-down. Not only is it strong and durable – metal also:

  • Reflects heat
  • Comes in a wide variety of colours
  • Is durable, strong and lightweight

Not only that, but today’s metal roofing comes with a twist.

Brands like COLORBOND metal roofing come with unique coatings and formulations that vastly increase the thermal efficiency of metal roofing, compensating for black’s tendency to absorb heat.

Not to mention, they also come with a huge range of colours and finishes that allow you to choose a roof that’s perfect for your home!

Call our experts for metal roof installation in Melbourne

Black or otherwise, you want a house that will look fantastic.

And our team can help with that!

With 20 years of experience installing metal roofing, Watermaster Roofing is the team to call. No matter what colour you end up going with, our expertise, experience and workmanship ensure that your house gets the roof it deserves.

For a beautiful, long-lasting and low-maintenance roof, call our metal roofing specialists today – give us a call on 1300 576 075 or click here to get in touch online.

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