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Leaking roof? Gutter problems? Sounds like you need roof repairs!

Your roof plays a vital role in protecting your home and property from the elements. Of course, if your roof isn’t properly looked after, you won’t be able to enjoy its protection.

Ideally, that means regular roof inspections and maintenance (how often depends on your current roofing material – metal roofing, for example, is much less maintenance than tiles!)

And if your roof ends up suffering from damage, you’ll want to organise roof repairs in Melbourne to stop wind, hail, loose debris and rain from getting in!

Need a roof plumber? Organise an inspection and let us uncover what you can’t see! We’ll safely get up onto your roof and provide a thorough inspection, monitoring the condition of elements like your structure, gutters, flashings, drains, and fixings.  

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Unmistakable signs that you need roof repairs!

Every day, your roof is exposed to harsh weather conditions that have the potential to seriously affect your comfort.

Not only that, but they also have the potential to wear down and damage your roof!

While roofing is tough, it isn’t invincible. Over time (and without preventative maintenance), constant exposure to the elements can wear it down. Your roof may crack, leak or suffer other types of damage.

We can’t emphasise enough the importance of roof repairs! Homeowners who value their property should get on the phone the instant they notice something off with their roof – it’s your home, after all.

Contact a metal roofing expert in Melbourne on 1300 576 075 – we’ll assess the condition of your roof and recommend roof repairs as needed, or advise a complete re-roof. 

Without repairs, small problems can lead to a range of problems…

Water damage to your structure

Most houses have ceilings and walls made of plaster, with wooden beams and rafters holding it all together.

Plaster… wood… both materials that can suffer from water damage over time!

A leaky roof lets water into your ceiling cavity, which can then damage your ceiling and support beams. This can dramatically weaken your roof, affecting the strength of your structure.

Avoid a costly repair job by looking after your roof. That way, you’ll be able to avoid this happening at all!

Mould and mildew growth

Mould needs three things to take hold:

  1. Darkness
  2. Something to eat
  3. Humidity and moisture

Your ceiling has #1 and #2 in abundance. A leaky roof introduces #3 to the equation.

By getting leaks in your metal roof repaired, you can avoid mould and mildew growth in your ceiling. As a result, you’ll also avoid all the health consequences that can come with living with mould.

Gutter problems

When it comes to roof plumbing and roof repairs, one of the most common jobs we get called to is gutter repair.

If you ask us, gutters are one of the most important parts of any roof, playing a vital role in protecting your doors, walls, windows, and ceiling from water damage by channeling water off your roof.

Broken or clogged gutters can lead to leaks and water pooling up in parts of your roof – both of which are situations that can result in considerable water damage to your house.

During roof inspections and repairs, our team will also look at your gutters, ensuring that they’re free of cracks and other damage.

If weeds are growing out of your gutters, animals have set up camp, you’ve noticed your gutters are sagging, or you simply don’t remember the last time you had your gutters cleaned, you might be facing some serious problems in the very near future.

Learn what might happen if you neglect your gutters.

roof repairs

The importance of regular roof inspections and repairs 

Roof repairs increase the life of your roof

One of the biggest draws of metal roofing installation? Its durability and long life. A good metal roof can last for decades with minimal maintenance.

There’s just one catch: any problems in said metal roof need to be repaired properly when they do pop up!

A small leak may not affect your roof’s longevity very much (initially, at least). Over time however, it can snowball into a much bigger problem.

For example, a small leak can lead to decay and rot in the support beams or insulation that are a part of your roofing system. In severe cases, they may need complete replacement decades before their actual use-by date. 

Reactive roof repairs saves you time and money

In our experience, many roofing problems start out small.

Homeowners that ignore small leaks often find themselves dealing with much bigger problems further down the line.

Oftentimes, the problem has progressed to the point where your insulation or ceiling may have to be replaced altogether.

Needless to say, this can get quite costly.

Identifying and repairing roofing problems early on saves you considerable time and money. 

Just compare the amount of work that goes into plugging a small leak compared to a complete replacement of your roof or insulation!

Maintain the value of your house

Metal roofing can increase the value of your house, making it more attractive to buyers and guests… assuming it’s looked after properly, of course!

Water damage can lead to ugly stains and marks on your home’s ceilings and walls, all of which can affect how much money your home is able to command on the market.

Just put yourself in the buyer’s position. Would you pay top dollar for a house, knowing that it has a leaky roof and that you might have to foot the bill for an eventual roof repair?

Of course not!

That’s why it’s so important to get any problems with your roof repaired the moment you first notice them.

Call Watermaster Roofing for roof repairs in Melbourne!

Need roof repairs in Melbourne? You need Masterful experience! 

Leaks, discolouration, gutter problems… while they may sound like minor problems initially, each one has the potential to turn into a major problem.

Don’t let them reach that stage – call our team for roof repairs the moment you notice anything wrong with your metal roof.

With 25 years of experience, our team can identify the issue and fix it, ensuring your metal roof remains beautiful and strong, and that it continues to maintain your home’s value for years to come.

Book an onsite inspection of your metal roofing with Watermaster on 1300 576 075, or fill in this form to get in touch with us today. 

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