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Why go metal: 4 examples of metal roofing from around the world

At Watermaster Roofing, we’re all-aboard with metal roofing.

There are many reasons to choose metal roofing in Melbourne. Our team are fierce advocates in the strength, durability and aesthetic value metal roofing installation can bring to your home, shop, or warehouse.

However, you don’t need to just take our word for it!

If you’re curious to learn how a new metal roof might work for your next build, you needn’t look any further than these four stunning examples of metal roofing drawn from around the world!

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Now, let’s look at four incredible examples of metal roofing from around the world.


1) Kronborg Castle (Helsingør, Denmark)

Located in Denmark, Kronborg Castle is also known by some as Elsinore Castle.

Does that name sound familiar? If so, we’re not surprised – this world-famous castle is the setting of one of Shakespeare’s most famous plays, Hamlet!

Of course, that isn’t the only thing that this renaissance castle is notable for – it’s also known for its beautifully-preserved metal roof!

Constructed between 1574 and 1585 (back when builders didn’t have the same tools we have today), Kronborg Castle is unique among castles of its era for its metal roofing.

The copper used in its roof was installed all the way back in 1585 – and it has been there ever since.

In addition to proving the longevity that metal roofing offers, this also demonstrates how metal roofing can be utilised in buildings with traditional styles.

If you need a re-roof, metal is a viable option, designed to last a lifetime. It’s even suitable for period homes!

metal roofing

2) Chrysler Building (New York, USA)

With its iconic Art Deco-inspired design, the Chrysler Building certainly stands out in a city that’s dominated by skyscrapers.

While it has since lost its title as the world’s tallest building, it remains one of the most distinctive buildings in the Big Apple.

And that’s thanks in large part to its distinctive design, and shining metal roof!

Making extensive use of a proprietary stainless steel alloy, the Chrysler Building’s crown is visually-striking, standing out from other skyscrapers.

Even the famous “gargoyles” (eagles, really) that line the building are made using metal.

Combined with its arched design and plentiful windows, and we’re left with a fantastic showcase of just how flexible metal roofing can be.

Just try to imagine its distinctive crown and spire made with tiles – it just doesn’t work!

new metal roof

3) Saint Basil’s Cathedral (Moscow, Russia)

Watch any movie or TV show set in Russia, and what’s the very first thing the director shows you to set the scene? The distinctive onion-shaped domes of Saint Basil’s Cathedral, of course.

Just like the Eiffel Tower has become visual short-hand for Paris (and all things French in general), this Cathedral has become closely associated with all things Russian.

With construction beginning in 1555, this building was an early adopter of metal roofing.

Originally made of tin, the Cathedral’s distinctive domes were restored in the 1960s with more durable copper tiles – that’s a 400-year run!

And just across Red Square is the Kremlin itself, which is also capped with a metal roof.

Coincidence? Unlikely – the Russians simply appreciate the durability of metal roofing.


4) Temppeliaukio Church (Helsinki, Finland)

Also known as the Church of the Rock (which we’re going to call it from here on), this building’s unique dome showcases exactly why metal roofing has seen a resurgence in popularity recently.

Dug into the ground itself (hence the name), Rock Church is covered with a plain copper dome that enhances the earthy feel of the building.

The reason it’s on the list? Simple: Rock Church is a great showcase of how flexible metal roofing can be!

One of the advantages of metal roofing is how it can be applied to architecturally-creative, off-the-wall designs.

This is thanks to its light weight and malleability, which makes it suitable for applications that other roofing materials simply wouldn’t be suited for, such as:

Flat roofs

One of the biggest challenges of flat roofing is adequate draining. Watertight metal roofing sheets solve the drainage and leaking problems associated with tiles.

Curved roofs

Its malleability makes metal roofing the perfect (and often only) choice for curved roofs, as well as other architectural challenges.

Steep roofs

Metal roofing is flexible, and as lightweight as it is durable, making it an effective choice for steeped roofs, too.

When it comes to these types of roofs, metal is the best choice – in some cases, it’s the only one.


Call Watermaster Roofing for metal roofing in Melbourne!

Each of these buildings showcase the potential of metal roofing at its finest, and how it has the power to make your house the envy of the neighbourhood.

In addition to its visual appeal, durability and flexibility (which each of these world-renowned buildings demonstrate in spades), a new metal roof comes with a host of other advantages:

Eager to enjoy all of these benefits and more? If so, you can’t go past the Watermaster Roofing team for expert metal roofing installation across Melbourne.

Whether you want a new metal roof for an exciting new build, are looking to improve the resale volume of a property, or simply need an old and problematic roof re-roofed, we’re the team to call!

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