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A metal roofing expert explains 4 signs of poor roof installation

Roofing is an important part of your home. Not only does it keep the weather out, but it also directly influences your home’s value.

As such, a high-quality roofing job can mean the difference between a comfortable and protected home and one that’s going to turn into a huge money sink.

Unlike your plumbing and electrical systems however, it’s a lot harder to detect a bad roofing job. After all, while we use water and power every day, few of us pay active attention to our roofs!

So, what makes a bad roofing job? And how can you tell your previous roofer left you with one?


Sign 1: Recognise the signs of a fly-by-night metal roofing installer

One of the biggest red flags of a dodgy roof installation job?

A dodgy roof installer!

If you can find out the name of your roof’s original installer, look them up. In particular, focus on their:

  • Customer reviews and testimonials
  • Job history and previous projects
  • Licenses, certifications and insurance
  • What suppliers they use

Each of these can help you identify dodgy roofing contractors. Do they offer a workmanship guarantee? Can it be honoured?

If not, it might be time to organise a roof inspection from a reliable roofing contractor like Watermaster.

Metal roof repair

Sign 2: Roof leaks

Your roof shouldn’t leak, end of story.

There are only a handful of circumstances where a properly-installed roof will leak:

  • Suffers damage in a storm
  • Is an extremely old roof
  • Has never been inspected

If your roof doesn’t fit into any of those criteria and has sprung a leak, chances are its fallen victim to shoddy workmanship or low-quality materials.

If you start springing leaks when you shouldn’t be, get in touch with a reputable roofing inspector.

Watermaster Roofing can identify potential weak spots and offers roofing repairs for any leaks we uncover.


Sign 3: Is your roof consistent across the board?

Good roof installers make sure your roof is consistent across the board. They’ll use the same methods, materials and put in the same amount of effort for every part of your roof.

This dedication to consistency shows when you look at your roof.

A properly-done roofing installation will use quality materials. As a result, it will age consistently across the board – you won’t have to worry about one part wearing out quicker than the rest.

With a dodgy metal roof installation on the other hand, you might have to!

Maybe they decided to switch materials halfway through. Perhaps they thought they could get away with slacking for parts of it. Whatever the reason, some parts of your roof had less effort put into them than others.

That can lead to leaks in some areas in your roof, while others are completely fine. It can also mean certain areas of your roof wearing out much faster than others. It can even necessitate complete roof replacement!


Sign 4: Your roof is missing some of the finer details

Your metal roof is more than just sheets of metal bolted together.

It’s a complex system of different parts, all of which work together to:

  • Protect you and your home from the elements
  • Regulate your home’s temperature during both summer and winter
  • Effectively drain water away from your home, via your pipes and gutters


For starters, underneath the roof itself, you have sarking.

Sarking is a versatile layer – it acts as an insulating layer, as well as protecting against humidity and moisture build-up in your roof.

Poorly installed sarking makes your roof less effective at blocking out the cold.

Worse, it can also lead to moisture and humidity leaking into your roof, which is a recipe for mould.


Your gutters and spouts are the next part of the equation. They channel rainwater off your roof.

This stops water from pooling up in corners and prevents water damage – not to mention, it can also put a stop to mould growth too.

Not all roof installers are qualified to work on gutters and roof plumbing – make sure your roof is looked after by a team that is!


Finally, roof flashing protects your roof’s weak points from water – in particular, the joins and edges of your roof.

Some dodgier installers will cut corners by neglecting flashing in some of the less-visible parts of your roof, like where your roof meets the gutter.

Roof repairs

Restore your home to its former glory with expert metal roof installation.

Not sure how to identify these roof installation signs yourself?

Call a roofing expert who can!

If you want to repair a dodgy roofing job or are in the middle of planning an upcoming building project, get in touch with Watermaster Roofing.

Our experienced metal roofing team knows how important a properly installed roof is, not just to your home’s value, but to your comfort too.
Wherever you live in Melbourne’s south-east, you can rely on us for a beautiful metal roof that will stand the test of time. Give us a call on 1300 576 075, or contact us online!

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