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Need metal roofing installation? We explain factory roofing

Our team is proud to provide quality metal roofing installation Melburnians can rely on.

Our metal roofing team work on a wide variety of commercial factories and residential spaces across the city.

While houses in Bayside are our bread-and-butter, we’ve also worked on our fair share of commercial properties too, including:

  • Schools
  • Offices
  • Retail buildings
  • And of course, factories

If you’ve ever spent time in or near an industrial area, you may have noticed that factory and warehouse roofs are almost uniformly made of metal.

Why is that? What makes metal roofing installation such a good common choice for factories?

We’re glad you asked! In this blog we will be going through the reasons metal is the best option for a factory or industrial building.

In addition to materials, we will also touch on design to ensure that you are making informed decisions about your roofing.

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What’s the best choice for factory roofing?

If you’re wondering what kind of roofing material you should be using, we have the answer: metal.

It’s that simple.

Metal roofing is extremely durable and it’s becoming an increasingly popular choice in recent years.

Factories and industrial buildings will get the most worth out of a metal roof for a few very good reasons:

Metal roofing is durable

A quality metal roof can last for decades with minimal maintenance. Speaking of which…

It’s low-maintenance

This is exactly what you need at a busy factory, where you won’t always have time to perform roof maintenance.

Metal is lightweight

This makes metal suited for a wide range of roofs, including flat or pitched factory roofing.

Metal is fire resistant

Not only is COLORBOND metal roofing rated for the highest level of fire resistance in Australia, but it also won’t collapse in the event of a fire since it’s so light.

Metal roofing creates more space

Thanks to its low weight, metal roofing doesn’t need as much support as other roofing materials, leaving you with more internal space.

Interested in finding out more about why metal roofing is the best for factories and industrial buildings? Check out this blog post from our metal roofing team where we go into further detail.

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Why you should choose COLORBOND roofing

COLORBOND steel has been Australia’s brand of choice for metal roofing installation for the last 50 years.

It’s no wonder, either: COLORBOND roofing is rust resistant, low maintenance and can last for decades – with minimal care!

COLORBOND also comes with a range of unique features.

For starters, COLORBOND metal roofing is coated with several proprietary coatings. These layers give COLORBOND it’s trademark durability and strength, but they also serve to reflect heat and protect your roof from rust and corrosion.

These qualities make it the perfect roofing choice for any factory in Melbourne.

Different factory roof designs

Why do factory roofs in Melbourne often have sawtooth roofs?

The saw-tooth roof shape originated during the American Industrial revolution.

They are designed to allow a lot of light into the factory, without letting a lot of heat in.

The raised triangle shapes are designed to combat the heat of the sun, protecting the long rows of windows from direct sunlight while still allowing natural light inside. 

The windows can also be designed to open, allowing ventilation throughout the factory floor.

The flat roof

Unlike most homes, metal roofing installation in factories is pure function over form. Appearance generally takes a backseat to practicality and price.

So is it any wonder that many simply opt for flat roofs?

The thing with flat roofs is that your options for roofing materials are limited!

That’s because tile and the like require extensive scaffolding and rafters to support them. What’s more, tiles also need a minimum angle, ruling them out.

Thanks to their versatility, metal roofing can be installed at any angle, making it the default choice for flat factory roofing.

Click here to learn more about the challenges of flat roofing.

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