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Our roof plumber explains the different kinds of gutters

As Melbourne roof plumbing experts, one of our favourite topics is gutters. When it comes to roofing, gutters are important! 

But we understand you may not think about gutters as often as we do. 

People tend to think about roof gutters when: 

  • Existing gutters on a home require attention 
  • Building or purchasing a new home   

While this may not be a daily occurrence, roofing gutters have an important role to play in any home. 

And style is part of this.  

Watermaster Roofing experts install and repair gutters on homes throughout Bayside and Melbourne. Our experience means we understand different styles of gutters and their impact on a home. 

Our roof plumbers in Melbourne share their expert knowledge about styles of guttering for homes. 

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Styles of gutters play a role in the appearance of a home. While it’s clearly not the only purpose of gutters, styles of guttering can impact the look of roofing on a home.     

Some gutter styles are less noticeable. One example of this is gutters with a boxed design contained within the boundaries of a roof. This can largely hide them from view.  

Square, round, fascia or quad style gutters can provide a modern look that suits personal taste or housing design.

Guttering products are generally also available in a range of colours to fit with the design of a home.    

Appearance can impact the decisions made about the style of gutter used on a home. The look of guttering styles is something to consider when replacing or installing new gutters on a home.   

We are experts in Melbourne roofing installation and replacement. This includes gutters – an important part of roofing that requires the right experience!

Contact the Watermaster Roofing team today if you’d like to speak to a roofing expert about gutters for your home. 


The most important purpose of guttering is to drain water from the roof of a home. Without this function, gutters wouldn’t be part of roofing design!

That’s why it’s no surprise to hear that whatever style is chosen, guttering must be effective in draining water that would otherwise cause problems around a home. 

Our experience as Melbourne roof plumbers means we know the problems poor drainage can cause for a property. Read more about the importance of good gutters for your home. 

Some styles of gutters, including square, round or slotted quad, are designed to handle larger amounts of water.

Boxed styles may provide for emergency overflow in the event of larger than usual waterfall. 

Along with proper gutter repairs, replacement, installation and maintenance, choice of gutter style can impact water drainage on your roofing. 

We repair, install, replace and maintain various styles of roof gutters on Melbourne homes. 

Contact the Watermaster Roofing team today for help with any style of home roof guttering. 

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Style can impact the materials used in gutters. 

Materials used in guttering include various types of steel, copper, plastic and vinyl. Some of these are more durable than others. Durability is important for all gutters but can be even more important in styles designed to handle higher waterfall amounts. 

Colorbond steel, which we recommend for roofing, is a high quality material suitable for all styles of gutter. Read more about why we recommend Colorbond steel for Melbourne roofing. 

It is important to understand the installation, replacement, repairs and maintenance requirements for materials used in any style of guttering. Our Watermaster Roofing team are experts in this field. 

If you need expert assistance with your roof guttering contact the Watermaster Roofing team today.  


Style can impact the cost of guttering at different stages. 

Initial installation cost 

How much installing a particular style of guttering impacts initial installation costs may depend on the guttering needs of your property and how your roof plumbers charge for roofing installation services.   

Contact us to learn more about the cost of Watermaster Roofing new and replacement roofing installation services. Click here to request a quote

Ongoing cost

While installation is part of the cost of roof gutters, ongoing costs are important to keep in mind.    

Having the wrong style of roof gutter on a property can lead to further replacement, repair and maintenance costs. It can help to speak to an expert about the right style of gutter for your home.   

Our Melbourne roofing team is experienced in installing, replacing, repairing and maintaining every style of roof guttering. 

For expert assistance with roof guttering on your home, contact our team of roofing experts today.    

Need help with your Melbourne roof gutters? 

If you’re installing new or replacement gutters, or arranging gutter repairs or maintenance, you need the right experts who can help!

Our Masterful roofing services are backed by more than 20 years of experience.

We are based in the south-east suburbs of Melbourne and have a premier roofing team.

We provide a full range of roofing services and gutter repairs for Melbourne homes.

You can leave your gutters and other roofing needs in Masterful hands. 

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