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A roof plumber in Melbourne explains compliance certificates

With winter in full-swing, a healthy roof is vital if you want to protect your home from hail, wind and rain.

It’s not just your metal roofing sheets, however – equally as important are your roof plumbing fixtures.

Any roof installation team worth its salt will also offer roof plumbing services. That’s because roof plumbing fixtures are a crucial part in channelling water off your roof and protecting your property from water-related damage.

And just like “regular” plumbing, it’s essential that all installation and repairs on roof plumbing in Melbourne are accompanied by a Plumbing Compliance Certificate.

A brief explanation of compliance certificates

A Compliance Certificate is a legal requirement for most plumbing jobs that certifies that all plumbing work has been carried out in accordance with Victorian regulations and building standards.

And that includes all manners of roof plumbing including gutters, ridge caps, and downpipes.

You’d be surprised how many considerations go into upgrading your flashing or fixing a worn gutter.

For example, our roof plumbers see a surprising number of gutters installed without the appropriate overflow provisions.

This can lead to water damage to your outer walls, internal structure or facade.

For example, the VBA mandates that gutters need to be able to accommodate a once-in-a-century rainstorm. Depending on your gutter, the VBA may also mandate a minimum gap between your gutter and wall.

These are just two of the many requirements roof plumbers like us have to adhere to.

Watermaster Roofing takes steps to ensure that your roof plumbing is 100% compliant in order to issue you a Certificate of Compliance.

When should I ask for a compliance certificate?

A compliance certificate is mandatory for all roof plumbing jobs in Melbourne that exceed $750 in value (including materials, labour and GST).

The VBA allows a 5-day window to provide the appropriate certificate. In many cases, it can (and should) be issued immediately. If you’re not sure, ask your roof plumber when you can expect it.

In addition to giving you a compliance certificate, we (as in Watermaster) are also required to submit a copy to the VBA. Using this website, you can check whether your job has been submitted.

Stamp approved on construction plans and pen

Can anyone issue a certificate for my roof plumbing?

No. Only a fully licensed plumber can do so (it is their wheelhouse, after all!)

Before we branched out as Watermaster Roofing, we were Watermaster Plumbing. As such, each member of our roofing team are also licensed plumbers.

The upshot? We can fill out and provide a compliance certificate for you, on-the-spot.

Our team knows that getting your roof worked on is often a large investment and commitment, which is why as part of our pledge to outstanding customer service, we’ll perform a final inspection and issue a compliance certificate right there and then, wherever possible.

What happens if your roof plumber doesn’t issue one?

Without a Certificate of Compliance, you can’t really be sure your roof plumber’s work is up to scratch – what’s more, your roof plumber is putting themselves at risk!

For an example of this, let’s turn the clock back three years.

In 2016, a Frankston roof plumber was contracted to replace the roofs, gutters and flashings at three properties.

Needless to say, the work wasn’t very good. Several defects were uncovered during an inspection – making things worse, it was discovered that two of these jobs never had compliance certificates submitted with them.

Worse, when the compliance certificate for the third was examined, it came to light that the licensed plumber the company had hired to sign off on the work never even looked at it.

This isn’t the type of service you want your all-important roof plumbing to receive!

As a result, the dodgy roofer in question was slapped with a $20,000 fine!

That’s what awaits roof plumbers in Melbourne who don’t issue a compliance certificate for their work.

If your roofing team is willing to forgo something this important, it makes you wonder where else they may have cut corners!

Our roof plumbers in Melbourne look after your roof

Our team of roofing experts in Melbourne pride ourselves on providing a level of customer service you don’t typically see with tradies.

We work efficiently. We’re punctual and polite. We clean up any mess once we’re done.

And most importantly, we ensure that all the roofing work we do (be it metal roof installation, such as roof leaks or replacements) are done with the same level of care, with the paperwork to back it up!

Do you need work done on your roof plumbing? Our friendly team can help.

Keep your metal roof strong, shiny and healthy for years to come – call Watermaster Roofing today on 1300 156 650, or click here to request a quote.

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