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A roof plumber in Melbourne shares 4 simple gutter maintenance tips

Concerned about water damage to your walls, roof, and the overall structure of your home?

If so, you’ll want to start by taking better care of your gutters and downpipes.

Yep, you heard us right!

Yes, gutters play an important role in protecting your home from all of these different types of damage.

So if you haven’t put any thought towards gutter and downpipe maintenance, we suggest adding it to your list of New Year’s resolutions right now.

Of course, it can be hard to figure out where you’re supposed to start. Luckily, our roof plumbers in Melbourne are here to help! 

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Why maintain gutters and downpipes?

As we all know, water is one of the most damaging things around when it comes to your home.

Water damage can present a plethora of different issues, all of which can leave your home or business with considerable damage and a large repair bill.

Thankfully, you don’t often have to worry about these taking hold in your roof, thanks to your gutters and downpipes.

Specifically, well-maintained guttering and roof plumbing

Prevents roofing damage

When water builds up on your roof, it can cause erosion and rot, leave stains, facilitate mould growth and so many other undesirable outcomes.

So how do well-maintained gutters, downpipes and roof plumbing protect your home from these issues?

Simple: they get water off your roof.

Instead of pooling up, gutters, downspouts and other roof plumbing fixtures help channel rainwater off your roof and into a drain.

If your gutters and downspouts are blocked however, water won’t be able to flow into the drains.

Instead, it’ll build up, and may…

  • Cause decay and erosion
  • Attract mould
  • Leak into your roof
  • Damage your roof with its sheer weigh

In summation, you’ll want to ensure that your roof plumbing is well-maintained if you’re to avoid these particular issues!

Extends the life of your roofing

By protecting your metal roofing against potential water damage, your roof plumbing extends the life of your roof, simple as that.

We know what you’re thinking – surely, my metal roof will be able to stand up to a bit of water.

The thing is, while water may appear gentle, over time, it can be one of the most damaging elements out there – it carved out the Grand Canyon, after all.

Rainwater that lingers on your roof can wear out your roof, necessitating roof replacement sooner, rather than later.

In addition to adding years to your roof’s lifespan, it also reduces the need to call a roof plumber in Melbourne to carry out repairs – something that can save you heaps of money over the years.

Prevents mould and mildew growth

Stagnant water doesn’t just damage your roof – it’s also a breeding ground for all sorts of nasties.

In addition to bugs and mosquitoes, the added moisture can get into nooks and crannies, leading to mould and mildew growth.

These microorganisms usually thrive on areas where there’s a mixture of water and moisture. 

Luckily, you can avoid this altogether by keeping your gutters and roof plumbing in good condition.

How? We’re glad you asked…

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New rain gutter on a home against blue sky

Maintaining gutters and downpipes: the essential checklist

Okay, so we’ve covered how important proper gutter and downpipe maintenance is, and how you could be putting your home or business at risk should you fail to look after your roof plumbing.

There’s just one key question: how do you go about looking after your gutters?

Luckily, our roof plumbers in Melbourne are here to help you!

1) Clean regularly

Over the years, all manner of debris such as dirt, leaves and twigs will fall onto your roof. When it rains, these will also get swept into your gutters and downspouts along with water.

Unlike rainwater however, these often get stuck, resulting in blockages.

We recommend cleaning out your roof plumbing fixtures at least once a year.

This allows you to remove everything that has built up and to keep the water flowing freely.

2) Check for cracks and leaks

If you see any cracks or leaks, we suggest patching them up as a matter of urgency.

And once that’s done, you’ll want to call a roof plumber in Melbourne for an immediate fix!

Leaks and cracks can lead to water dripping into parts of your home or business that haven’t been waterproofed.

What’s more, these leaks can also be a warning sign of total gutter failure in the near future – who’s to say that crack won’t get worse?

3) Repaint your gutters

In addition to maintaining their appearance, this also protects them from decay and rust!

That’s because pain adds an additional layer to the metal, forming a barrier against moisture and air – the two biggest factors that can cause rust.

By repainting your gutters, you’re prolonging their life and protecting them against rust and other wear-and-tear. Just be sure you choose a durable paint!

Call a roof plumber in Melbourne if the problem is beyond you

While most of these tips are easy enough to carry out on your own, there will always be some that are simply beyond your capabilities.

For these, you should put your trust in a professional.

Roof plumbers are specialists in dealing with guttering and downpipe problems. We can identify and fix issues that you might not be able to fix using what you have lying around in your garage.

If needed, we can even replace worn-out parts of your roof plumbing altogether with new fittings, ensuring your house is protected for years to come.

Call the metal roofing experts in Melbourne today!

Our team ensure that your metal roof is in tip top condition.

This goes beyond maintaining your gutters and roof plumbing – we’ll also look after everything else on your roof too!

Our roof plumbers in Melbourne provide a wide range of metal roofing services, including:

On top of that, we also help with your home plumbing needs too – in fact, we started out as plumbers!

Whether it’s your roof or your plumbing that need work, don’t hesitate to contact our team of metal roofing experts.

Call Watermaster Roofing today on 1300 576 075 or fill in the form to get a quote for all your metal roofing requirements.

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