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Roofing Cheltenham

Watermaster Roofing are Cheltenham’s metal roofing experts!

We specialise in metal roofing as it provides a host of advantages over tiles or shingles:

  • Durable and heavy duty
  • Requires very little maintenance
  • Can last upwards of 50 years!
  • Is 100% recyclable

Roof Installation Cheltenham

Planning a new commercial or residential development?

Watermaster Roofing is your roof parter when it comes to durable metal roofing and outstanding service.

Contact Watermaster Roofing today!

Book an onsite inspection or give us a call to discuss roofing problems or your next roofing project.

Roof Replacement

A troublesome roof can cause havoc on your home, including:

  • Internal water damage
  • Mould and mildew growth
  • Weakened foundations
  • Structural damage
  • Poor drainage

Metal Roof Replacement

COLORBOND steel is Watermaster Roofing’s metal roofing of choice. We choose COLORBOND for its longevity and durability – built for Australia’s harshest conditions, it’s low maintenance and can last up to 50 years!

It’s available in a range of shades – all inspired by Australia – and a number of finishes.

View a sample of COLORBOND colours here.

Book a Roof Inspection!

A roof inspection is perhaps the most important part of our entire process: during the inspection, we thoroughly assess the condition of your roof, the problems it poses, and the best outcomes to remove these issues.

Book a roof inspection today with the Watermaster team to find out how we can help solve your ongoing roofing problems.

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