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Signs you need gutter repairs and maintenance: look out for the warnings!

Gutters are an essential part of your home’s plumbing, and play a major role in controlling the flow of rainwater to protect your walls, roof and fittings.

Gutter repairs

But despite the important role they play, very few homeowners are up-to-date on their gutter cleaning – in fact, most homeowners pay hardly any thought towards their gutters, completely forgetting about them until autumn comes and goes.

That is, until things go wrong.

When it comes to home maintenance, regularly cleaning out your gutters is an essential part of a healthy roof and a fact of life when it comes to owning a home – not to mention, preventing a whole bevy of roofing issues before they become major problems.

Sometimes however, things don’t go according to plan. If you’re halfway between scheduled cleanings and you notice any of these signs, we’re sorry but your gutters could be in dire need of a clean. In some cases, gutter replacement, too, is another viable solution.

When it rains, it pours: gutter cleaning

There are two courses of action open to you if runoff water is pouring out of your gutter:

  • It’s time to build yourself an Ark
  • Your gutters need to be checked, repaired, or replaced

More likely than not, the problem will be with your gutters. If water from your roof can’t flow through your gutter and down your spouts, where else is it meant to go?

The result: a mini Niagara Falls right outside your house.

Water overflowing from your roof is probably the most visible symptom of a gutter that’s overdue for cleaning. If water is spilling over the sides of your gutters, it’s time to call the professionals to get your gutters cleaned (and while we’re there, we’ll inspect them, too!)

Gutter cleaning can’t come soon enough: let it go on too long and you might be left with significant water damage to your walls and foundations.


Are plants and weeds growing in your gutters?

If you have plants growing out of your gutters, take that as a blinding sign that they’re seriously overdue for a cleaning!

Normally, it’s impossible for plants to gain purchase in your gutters – after all, it’s not like plants can put down roots in metal.

But if you let debris such as leaves and dirt build up in your gutters… well, let’s just say it’s a different story.

An awful lot of dirt and debris gets blown up into your gutter or washed down from your roof.

Dirt and decaying leaves are like a soft, king-sized bed for plants. It’s got everything a seed needs to thrive: soil to protect and nurture the roots, and water to feed a growing plant.

Given the right conditions, you might be seeing a lot of green sprouting from your gutters.

This might be great news for green thumbs. But it’s not good news for your gutter – and most importantly, for your home’s entire plumbing system.


Animals have started to nest in your gutters

Every gutter system is home to bugs. It’s an inescapable fact of life.

But did you know that your gutter might be home to larger, more annoying squatters?

Leave your gutters to fill up and you might soon start seeing the occasional bird make its nest inside them. It makes sense – there’s sticks and twigs up there already, they’re less likely to sway in the wind and the curved shape of your gutter is ideal for a bird to curl up in.

Birds aren’t the only creatures finding new accommodation in your gutters.

There’s rats. And possums. And if you’re really unlucky (and depending on where you live), possibly even snakes.

For small critters, the debris that accumulates in your gutters is essentially a pre-built home or nest. It’s already there; they’re cosy and protected from their prey.


You can’t remember the last time your house’s gutters were cleaned

Ask any roofing professional, and almost all of them will tell you to get your gutters professionally cleaned at least twice a year.

Even outside of the autumn months, dirt, twigs and leaves build up in your gutters and can cause nasty blockages if left alone.

A regular maintenance schedule is essential to ensuring that your gutters are functioning properly year-round. And that means cleaning. Just like going to the gym or brushing your teeth, repetition is key if you want a clean, effective gutter.

Your first step? Choosing the right team to perform reliable, rapid, and effective gutter cleaning.

gutter replacement Melbourne

Your gutters are sagging or buckling under pressure

No structure is indestructible. Put enough weight on a table or load the boot of your car up with heavy equipment and eventually, it’ll struggle under pressure.

Your gutters are no different.

Small debris like dirt, leaves, and sticks may carry little weight. However, if you ignore your gutter for too long, that weight builds up.

Like any other part of your house, put too much weight on your gutter and pretty soon you’ll see it start to buckle under the strain. In particular, this affects the middle of gutters or the joints where different gutter pipes connect.

So naturally, if you see your gutter starting to hang a bit low under the weight of all the debris inside them, it’s definitely time to clean it out… and possibly replaced!


Gutter repairs and gutter replacement from Melbourne’s Watermaster Roofing

Gutters play an essential role in getting water off your roof – not to mention, protecting your fittings and walls from water damage. Look after your gutters, and they’ll look after your house.

Of course, sometimes you can run into gutter problems that can’t be solved with a simple clean-up. And in those cases, it’s best to call a professional roofing contractor like Watermaster Roofing for effective and efficient roof guttering.

Whether it’s repairs, replacement, installation or maintenance, we have your gutters covered.

If you need your gutter problems solved, don’t hesitate to get in touch – 1300 576 075 or book an inspection using this form

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