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Stay comfy and control your home’s temperature with a new metal roof

Metal roofing installation can bring many good things to your home. For example, your home’s curb value will shoot – dare we say it – through the roof (pun intended!)

Despite all the good that a new metal roof can bring to your home however, many people worry that it may also bring some less-welcome things into your home.

In particular, many homeowners wonder that metal roofing will bring in too much heat – the last thing they want happening during Australia’s brutal summers.

It’s a myth of course – however, it’s a persistent one that we constantly find ourselves having to squash every day.

And that’s what we’re here to do today… again.

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Is it really your new metal roof that’s to blame for high temperatures?

Because the truth is it often isn’t – in a lot of cases, high temperatures are often falsely attributed to metal roofing.

We guess we kind of understand how this happens – a new metal roof is one of the most visible targets, making for a good scapegoat.

Not to mention, the roof gets the most sun throughout the day, so it would make sense that the roof’s at fault for letting too much heat in.

A lot of the time however, the issue lies elsewhere.

For example, it could be with your room orientation. Rooms that face north (and which have lots of windows) tend to get warmer than those that face south.

It could also just be that your insulation just isn’t up to par, and you’re only just noticing now because you’re on the lookout for temperature changes (and mistakenly chalking them up to your roof).

Either way, it isn’t always the metal roof’s fault!

How metal roofing in Bayside can help you regulate temperature

A lot of people assume that metal roofing will make their home uncontrollably hot.

This couldn’t be further from the truth!

Yes, that used to be the case. However, today’s new metal roofs are considerably more versatile, and can actually help you regulate the temperature in your home and ensure that your home is comfortable all year-round.

Not only that, but you’ll also reduce your reliance on air conditioning too – your wallet will thank you!

Metal reflects heat

Yes, metal heats up pretty quickly. However, that doesn’t mean that it’ll make your house warmer – in fact, it tends to do the opposite.

In fact, metal reflects solar energy away from itself – metal roofing installation may actually make your home cooler than other materials!

During summer, your metal roof will reflect heat away from your home, helping to preserve your comfort and keep the indoor temperature at a comfortable level.

Designed for a consistent temperature

One of the reasons our team chose COLORBOND for metal roofing in Bayside is its unique formulation and proprietary coatings.

We know this corner of Melbourne can get extremely humid – and we haven’t even gotten started on the salinity, either!

COLORBOND’s unique metallurgy and coatings help reduce the damage prolonged exposure can have on a metal roof.

Of course, it isn’t just wear-and-tear that these coatings and layers can protect you from – one handy side-effect is that they can also help you maintain a comfortable temperature!

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Colour matters

And not just because it changes how your home looks!

We all know that darker colours absorb heat (and therefore, warm up faster), while lighter colours reflect more heat. This applies whether you’re choosing a colour for your car, or a shirt to complete your ensemble.

And it also goes for your roof as well.

Let’s just say there’s a reason that lighter colours tend to dominate when it comes to metal roofs in Bayside!

In addition to a wide range of colours, finish matters as well. Glossy, high-polish finishes tend to reflect more heat than matte finishes.

Our team offers a wide range of different colours and finishes, allowing you to find a colour that perfectly matches your house… and which helps regulate the temperature in your home.

The importance of sarking

Sarking is an important part of metal roofing installation that often gets overlooked completely.

Funnily enough, it’s also the part of your roofing system that stands to have the biggest impact on your temperature regulation.

Sarking refers to an aluminium layer installed directly underneath your metal roofing. It’s intended to act as a vapour barrier, stopping humidity from getting into your roof cavity and causing mould and mildew growth.

However, it also has another effect: namely, it also improves your insulation too!

Your choice of sarking is just as important as your choice of roof colour, or roofing material. It’s also one that’s a lot harder to make – after all, homeowners intuitively understand things like colour and material.

However fewer know that sarking exists!

When planning your metal roofing installation, our roofing team helps you choose a type of sarking that will help you keep the heat out and stay comfortable when things start heating up.

Call our roof plumbers in Melbourne for new metal roof installation

Whether it’s a completely new build or a replacement for a worn-out existing roof, your roof is arguably one of the most important parts of your structure.

In addition to keeping the elements out, your roof also plays an important role in maintaining a comfortable temperature. That’s why it’s so important that you get it right!

We don’t just carry out the installation – our roof plumbers use 20 years of experience to create a roofing system keeps you comfortable in every single way:

  • Weather protection
  • Temperature
  • Noise

Whether it’s a new metal roof, a replacement for an older one or a repair job, our team ensures that your home has everything you need to 

Get a roof that’s stronger, easier to look after and better-looking today – contact Watermaster Roofing now for metal roofing in Melbourne.

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