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Is your roof damaged? 6 signs you may need roof repairs!

When was the last time you had your roof inspected? We’re not gamblers, but we’re going to safely bet that it’s been a while! Many of us consider our homes to be one of our biggest and therefore most important investments. As such, regular roof check-ups are something homeowners should always keep in mind... especially if you plan on maintaining a fully functional roof for years to come! The simple truth however is that many homeowners (rightly or wrongly) often forget to have their roofs checked out. Many have the idea that “if it’s still keeping the water out, so [...]

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What to expect during a professional metal roofing inspection

One thing we’re very big on here at Watermaster Roofing is healthy metal roofing. And the key to keeping on top of any potential roofing problems and therefore maintaining a healthy roof is regular inspections. Even if you’re not planning on getting any work done on your roof, we still recommend getting your roof inspected every couple of years. Even if you think your roof is the best and most durable on your street, there’s no way to know for sure that it’s not suffering from hidden problems resulting in underlying damage. But what exactly goes on during a roof [...]

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