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4 important considerations when getting a new metal roof

Tired of putting up with a leaky, damaged, or old roof? You might have even added “new roof” to your list of home improvement to-dos for 2018. Comfort and functionality go a long way in keeping up with the demands of maintaining a nice home, and that includes your roof. Here are some important things to consider when getting a new metal roof.   1. Find the right roofing contractor in Melbourne While you might like to conduct your own research initially, selecting the right roofing contractor is such an important step you must take! In fact, after research, it [...]

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Metal roofing: should you DIY or call a professional roofer?

Most of us think to call a professional for large scale projects around the home, including roof replacement or roof installation. But what about simpler roofing jobs, such as gutter installation, or installing a rainwater tank? In these cases, the appeal of DIY can be strong. Just think about the money you could save (...or so you think; more on that below!), or the sense of fulfilment you’ll get when it all comes together. Whether it’s constructing a new bathroom cabinet or creating a herb garden in the backyard, a successful DIY job can feel really rewarding. We can relate [...]

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Introducing Watermaster Roofing! Professional metal roofing across Melbourne

Over the years, Watermaster Plumbing has acquired a reputation as one of the best plumbers in Melbourne. Our experienced team are the plumbers of choice for Melbourne icons such as Eureka Tower & Skydeck, the Colonial Tramcar Restaurant, and many others. During our years, we’ve brought speedy and clean service to clients big and small, all delivered with a smile and backed with years of experience. Recently, we realised how one particular branch of business was growing at such a pace that before we knew it, we had doubled our team to keep up with the roofing demands we were [...]

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