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Time for a new metal roof? Here’s what to keep an eye on

There are some things in your home that you’ll need to replace on a regular basis. For example, most homes burn through (no pun intended) smoke alarms every couple of years as they reach their use-by-date and newer tech enters the market.

However, there are some parts that most houses never get replaced – case in point, metal roofing installation.

For most homes, the roof they’re built with is the one they use for a majority of their time standing.

This is because roofs are tough. No matter what roofing material you use, your home’s roof is guaranteed to last for a long time – in all likelihood, your roof will usually outlast your time living under it.

The key word? Usually.

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Metal roof installation is tough… but it won’t last forever

Melbourne’s a pretty young city by global standards – as such, most roofs in Melbourne haven’t reached their use-by-date just yet, and still have considerable life left in them.

However, there are a handful of notable exceptions.

1) Your house is just that old

Perhaps your home dates back to a time when materials weren’t quite as long-lived as today’s new metal roofs are, and your old roof is starting to show its age.

Today’s metal roofs can last a very long time owing to a range of developments:

  • Metallurgy has developed considerably
  • Protective coats prevent rust
  • Modern finishes keep your metal roof looking good for longer

Unfortunately, the metal roofs found in many of Melbourne’s oldest homes predate these developments.

If your old metal roof is starting to visibly show its age, it may be better for you to get an entirely new metal roof instead of trying to salvage the old one.

Not only is it more feasible, but you’ll also gain a roof with over a century worth of developments in the process!

2) Damage

Sometimes, your metal roof may not make it to the end of its useful life!

All Melburnians know that the city and its suburbs have a reputation for somewhat unpredictable weather, with winter in Melbourne often accompanied by images of fallen trees, broken branches and toppled electrical poles.

News reports of property damage is a staple of Melbourne winters.

Sometimes, metal roof repairs will be enough to restore your home.

In others however, the damage may be too extensive for our roof plumbers in Melbourne to fix, necessitating an entirely new roof altogether.

3) Renovations

Metal roofing installation isn’t just long-lasting, durable and low-maintenance – it also looks fantastic

A new metal roof can be just what you need to bring your home makeover together.

With a wide range of different colours and designs available, as well as a broad selection of finishes, metal roofs are a favourite among home renovators (and with good reason).

4) Your roof plumbing is wearing out

It isn’t just your roof that might need an upgrade – it’s equally as important that your roof plumbing and guttering are replaced when they reach their use-by dates.

Roof plumbing and guttering are an important – and often overlooked – part of your roofing system.

They may not be as glamorous, but they play a crucial role in your roof:

  • Protecting your roof fascia and eaves from water damage
  • Stopping flooding under your house
  • Draining rainwater

If you notice any of the above problems occurring in your home, it may be time for a guttering or roof plumbing upgrade.

Our roof plumbers in Melbourne have worked on countless guttering systems over the years, and we’ve noticed that they tend to be higher maintenance than the rest of your roofing system.

Why choose metal roofing?

In the vast majority of cases, the choice of what type of roof to replace your current one with comes down to personal preference. While we personally believe that metal roofing installation is the way to go, we can’t force you to make that choice!

However, there are some instances where a new metal roof is the only viable option for your home…

Council building codes may mandate it

Coincidentally, most of the houses that fall into this category also tend to fall into heritage overlays.

As anyone who lives in a heritage-listed building knows, maintaining the property’s unique historical character is important – however, it can make things difficult on occasion.

One of the requirements that comes with owning one of these properties is that all renovations need to maintain the appearance of the house.

Oftentimes, that mandates the usage of “similar materials”.

Many older homes used metal – thanks to council building codes, your choice for a new metal roof might already be made for you!

Can your home take the weight of a new roof?

When upgrading or renovating an existing house, you’ll need to work around its quirks and idiosyncrasies.

One issue you may have to consider in particular is how much weight your home’s structure can take.

Your home’s frame is designed to take a certain amount of weight. Exceeding this limit can result in a range of different issues and put your safety at risk.

Fortunately, metal roofing is lightweight, making it the perfect alternative for structures that might not be strong enough to take the weight of a heavy, tiled roof.

new metal roof installation

Want a new metal roof?

Call our roof plumbers in Melbourne today

Your roof is meant to last for decades, after all.

A new metal roof isn’t like repainting a feature wall – it’s a complex project that requires considerable planning, as well as expert workmanship.

With the right plan however, you’ll come out the other end with a roof that’s:

  • Stronger and more durable
  • Easier to maintain
  • Better-looking than your old one

Our roof plumbers in Melbourne have 20 years of experience working with metal roofing in Bayside (and across Melbourne).

Our Masterful roofing team can take care of all your needs, including:

  • Metal roofing installation
  • Metal roof replacement
  • Gutter repairs and replacement (they’re an integral part of your roof)
  • Roof plumbing (don’t let a roof leak turn into a bigger problem!)

We’re taking strict measures to protect our clients and our team during this time – you can see our response to COVID-19 here.

If you’d like to organise an on-site quote or simply want answers to your questions, please get in touch with us today. Call Watermaster Roofing on 1300 156 650, or click here to touch base online.

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