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What to expect from the metal roofing installation process

Are you considering installing a metal roof? Whether you’re constructing your dream home or renovating an older one, choosing a metal roof is an excellent decision for your house.

This isn’t just our personal bias, either; metal roofing offers durability, low maintenance, and environmental friendliness. Moreover, a COLORBOND metal roof adds a stunning aesthetic to your home.

However, deciding to install a metal roof is a significant choice that requires careful consideration. Naturally, you want the entire process to run smoothly. So, what exactly takes place during the installation process?


The metal roofing installation process

With countless residential and commercial roofing projects under our belts and decades of combined experience, Watermaster Roofing provides quality metal roofing in Melbourne and Bayside.

We’ve made a name for ourselves on the back of our high-quality metal roofing installations.

Here’s what you can expect if you decide to work with us…


Step #1: Initial consultation

Before we start any metal roofing project, we start by conducting an onsite inspection and liaise with other important members of your team including your architect and builders, if necessary.

During this process, our metal roof specialists lend their expert advice and know-how to your design and planning. We’ll provide unique insights, helping create a tailored roof design that perfectly fits your home.

Our input ensures that your roof doesn’t just look great, but is also structurally sound and within your ideal budget.


Step #2: Permits and project scheduling

As with any big building project, many metal roofing installation jobs will need the appropriate permits before work begins.

After the design is agreed upon, the roof measured, and cost established, our roof plumbers can start applying for the relevant permits and create an initial construction schedule.

For new builds, roofing permits are usually included as part of your building and planning permits.

For renovations however, things get a bit murkier.

As a general rule, renovations that may impact the structure of your home or pose a risk to bystanders and neighbours will require a building permit. That means most roof replacements will need a permit, with the exception of “like-for-like” jobs (example: replacing a metal roof with another one).

Click here to learn more about metal roofing permits.


Step #3: Materials sourcing

While there are many manufacturers and materials available in the market, Watermaster Roofing prefers to use COLORBOND metal roofing.

Whether your metal roofing installation project is residential or commercial in nature, COLORBOND steel is one of our top choices.

There are many reasons for this:

  • High levels of fire resistance
  • Wide range of colours and finishes
  • Special formulation and coatings that protects your roof from rust, corrosion, and flaking
  • Durable and low-maintenance
  • Reflects heat away from your home for a more eco-friendly roof

metal roofing installation

Step #4: Metal roofing installation

Once all the groundwork is out of the way, our roof plumbers get to work.

i) Remove existing roof

When we talk roof replacement, we need to start by removing your current one first.

ii) What goes on before a metal roof?

We’ll start by installing sarking – this underlay goes directly beneath your metal roofing, and helps with insulation, soundproofing, moisture protection and more.

iii) Installation

Metal roofing sheets are cut down to size, and then screwed directly into your roof beams. Since we’re dealing in large sheets of metal and not individual tiles, metal roofing installation tends to be significantly faster than other materials.

iv) Finishing touches

Flashing and covers stop water from getting into your roof cavity, while guttering and roof plumbing prevent water build-up.


Step #5: Finished product

Our work doesn’t end once your installation is complete – our team also gives you a guarantee on our work, offering a standard a six-year contractor warranty.

Should you experience any issues with your roofing, our team is with you for the long term, offering high-quality metal roofing repairs.

Metal roof Melbourne

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