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Can any plumber look after my roof? When to call a roof plumber in Melbourne

While the name may suggest pipes and taps, the truth is that roof plumbing is a completely different ball game from indoor plumbing.

And as such, it’s crucial that you call somebody who’s qualified to work on roof plumbing specifically when it comes to maintaining your roof plumbing fixtures.

Specifically, you’ll have to call a roof plumber to look after roof plumbing fixtures.

Why is that? What is it that makes roof plumbers different from regular plumbers? Is there any relationship between the two?

We’re glad you asked – today, our roof plumber in Melbourne explains why it’s crucial that you get a specialist to look after your roof. After all, it’s one of your home’s biggest and most valuable assets!

But first, an explanation of roof plumbing

When we talk about roof plumbing, we don’t mean taps and sprinklers – rather, we’re talking about systems that are designed to prevent water damage around the structural core of your home.

And they do that by diverting, draining and removing rainwater.

Roof plumbing plays an important role in every home, as stagnant water may result in:

  • Leaks
  • Water damage
  • Mould
  • Sagging
  • Ceiling damage
  • Increased wear

Using gutters, downpipes, spouts and roof flashings, roof plumbing gets rainwater off your roof, protecting your home, possessions, and family from these types of issues.

And since they’re so different, in most cases, you can’t call a regular plumber for your roof plumbing!

That’s because the skill set needed to work with roof plumbing is different from indoor plumbing, despite the shared name.

So how does roof plumbing differ from “regular” plumbing?

And when might you need to call a roof plumber in Melbourne for issues surrounding your gutters, downpipes, and more?

1) Roof plumbing requires special training

A regular plumbers can fix blocked toilets, shower leaks, and can unblock your drains – when it comes to matters related to roofing however, standard plumbing training doesn’t really go into that kind of detail.

Not to mention, regular plumbers have the luxury of knowing that most of their work isn’t very dangerous – the worst thing that will happen in most plumbers’ careers is getting dirty!

As such, regular plumbing training doesn’t have as strong a safety focus as roof plumbing – safety is important, don’t get us wrong. However, as we mentioned above, regular plumbing simply isn’t that dangerous (and for that, we’re grateful).

By contrast, roof plumbing is riskier – as such, it requires special training to certify that your roof plumber doesn’t just know their stuff, but can perform the work safely, and with the appropriate level of skill.

2) Roof plumbing in Melbourne comes with unique requirements and regulations

We tradies have to adhere to a wide range of different regulations, building codes and standards when we do our work – the VBA is very strict when it comes to this.

The issue is that roof plumbing and conventional plumbing have very different standards that we need to follow.

Even if your plumber is self-taught in roof plumbing, there’s no guarantee their work is going to be totally compliant unless they’re specifically licensed for roof plumbing jobs.

Long story short, if you need roof plumbing in Melbourne, and you want to ensure it’s 100% up-to-code, you’ll need to call a specialist!

3) Different problems require different qualifications

At Watermaster Roofing, we do both roof and “standard” plumbing – trust us when we say that comparing indoor and roof plumbing jobs is apples to oranges!

According to VBA regulations, roof plumbing falls under a completely separate qualification to conventional plumbing.

That means a different training program that covers different skills, tools and training, as well as a different license.

Many dodgy operators will try to skate by thanks to the similar names. This is something you need to watch out for, as it can lead to:

  • Substandard work
  • Improper drainage of rainwater
  • A costly replacement later on

In fact, we keep our divisions separate through two entirely different businesses:

  • Watermaster Roofing, the very site you’re on right now, where our qualified roofers and expert roof plumbers can install, replace, and repair your metal roof
  • Watermaster Plumbing, where our friendly team of licensed and registered plumbers can help with all manner of plumbing, including domestic, commercial, and even specialised, like dental and medical


Many roof plumbers are also “regular”, indoor plumbers

Because things weren’t confusing enough!

While the two are completely separate qualifications and titles, the truth is that many regular plumbers are also qualified to look after roof plumbing.

In fact, many institutions even offer roof plumbing courses as part of their plumbing certificates.

And in many other cases, existing plumbers up-skill to that they can start offering roof plumbing services.

All of this makes it even harder to ensure your roof plumbing in Melbourne is being inspected and maintained by somebody who genuinely knows what they’re doing.

Thankfully, you aren’t completely helpless!

Be sure to ask for your plumber’s license before any work starts. This should clearly identify what their licence covers, and therefore the type of work they’re qualified to perform – and that includes roof plumbing.

Do you need a plumber in Melbourne? On top of fixing gutters and such, Watermaster’s team also provides high-quality domestic and commercial plumbing too!

Need a roof plumber in Melbourne? You can’t go past Watermaster!

While we may have started as regular old plumbers, in the years since, we’ve found ourselves branching out and offering service that goes beyond unblocking drains or installing hot water systems.

Case in point: our roof plumbing service, which proved so popular, it had to be spun-off into a completely new division, Watermaster Roofing!

In addition to roof plumbing for a variety of roof types, Watermaster Roofing provides a complete range of metal roofing services including:

  • New roof installations
  • Roof replacement and repairs
  • Roof maintenance
  • Guttering

Don’t risk it with DIY; when you call our Masterful roof plumbers, you know you’re getting years of experience, quality workmanship and Melbourne’s best customer service.

Need a roof plumber in Melbourne?

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