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Why your business needs commercial metal roof maintenance

While most homeowners have the choice between metal and tile, there are some situations where metal roofing installation is the far superior option.

Case in point: commercial properties.

Commercial buildings such as factories and warehouses are best served by metal roofing.

It’s not hard to see why!

Of course, while metal roofing is low-maintenance, there are still some things expert roofers can do to improve the health and extend the longevity of your metal roof.


Why metal roofing is ideal for commercial properties

Simply put, a properly-maintained metal roof can serve you for decades with minimal maintenance. That’s just one of the benefits behind metal’s surge in popularity.

There are plenty of reasons to consider metal roofing for your commercial property:

  • Metal roof installation is cheaper and quicker
  • They’re lighter, making them appropriate for a wider range of roof types
  • Metal is more energy-efficient and is 100% recyclable!

For commercial properties, metal roofs are also significantly safer than the alternatives: at some commercial properties, like factories, sparks of electricity and embers pose a real threat. In these cases, metal roofing is ideal due to its fire-resistant properties.

The COLORBOND metal roofing that we use in particular is specially designed with fire protection in mind.

This can save you a lot of money on your repair bill – not to mention, it can save some of your equipment and inventory too! This reason alone makes metal roofing the material of choice for many commercial properties.


What can happen if you don’t arrange regular metal roof maintenance?

Take a stroll through any industrial area or strip of shots and you’ll see the same old, beat-up and rusty metal roofs wherever you look.

Not only is this an eyesore, but in some cases, it can cause your metal roof to decay, forcing you to shut your doors.

In many cases, this is the consequence of a lax maintenance program (read: none whatsoever).

Just like any other roofing material, metal roofing requires periodic maintenance to extend its lifetime and offer you the best protection for many years to come.

During roofing inspections, your roofer will go over every aspect of your metal roof with a fine-tooth comb. We don’t just mean the roofing sheets either – we’ll also examine:

By detecting these problems early, your roofing specialist can nip the problem in the bud and avoid expensive repairs further down the line. This preventative care will protect your bottom line from suffering huge blowouts later!

Planning a metal roof inspection? Click here to find out what that involves.

Metal roofing Melbourne

Get back to business with emergency metal roof repairs

With winter in full-swing, it’s time to start preparing for Melbourne’s signature wild weather.

Storm damage is one of the most common jobs we receive during wintertime. Strong winds, heavy rain and falling tree branches can wreak havoc on any roof, though metal roofing is no doubt stronger.

Watermaster Roofing offers rapid emergency metal roofing repairs for when things go wrong.

If your commercial property’s metal roof has suffered significant damage or you are worried about potential roof plumbing problems, call us for rapid-response roofing care.


Call Watermaster Roofing for commercial metal roofing maintenance!

Commercial properties need a safe and effective roof to ensure their daily operations continue without a hitch. Metal roofing is ideal for that!

If you need a professional roofing company to inspect your commercial property’s roof, get in touch with Watermaster Roofing!

We pride ourselves on our extensive experience, quality service, and focus on safety.

Our team of roofing specialists are licensed to carry out all sorts of maintenance work for your commercial metal roof, whether it’s an emergency repair or routine inspection.

Give Melbourne’s leading team of metal roofers a call on 1300 576 075 or book an inspection of your commercial metal roof today!

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