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How metal roofing installation stacks up against tiles

Planning a new roof as part of your building project? Unsure which roofing material is best suited for what you have in mind?

Homeowners are spoilt for choice nowadays when it comes to choosing a material for their new roofing installation.

And if you ask us, metal roofing installation rules the roost.

If your goal is to get the best roof for your building project, then you can’t go wrong with metal roofing installation.

So, how does metal roofing stack up against its main competitor, tiles?


Choose a roofing material that doesn’t break the bank

There’s no getting around cost – you’ll have to pay for materials, labour, inspections… the list can indeed go on and on.

So, it’s only natural to look for ways to bring your budget back under control when you feel the pinch!

Compared to other roofing materials, metal roofing installation is often one of the most cost-effective and valuable options around.

For starters, metal roofing is cheaper than tile, full stop. This is because the manufacturing process for metal roofing is significantly quicker and less labour-intensive, translating into a more affordable purchase price.

Additionally, metal roofing is quicker to install. Instead of being delivered and installed tile-by-tile, metal roofing is delivered as large metal sheets and cut down to size on-site.

The result is that metal roof installation often ends up taking a fraction of the time a tiled roof would.


Cut down roof maintenance by choosing the right roofing material

Look after your roof, and it’ll look after you – that’s our mantra here at Watermaster Roofing!

Luckily for you, both metal and tiled roofing are strong, long-lived options. Tiles can last well, provided they are maintained well, too.

Compared to tiles, metal roofing is considerably easier to maintain.

Manufacturers like COLORBOND apply a protective coating to all their metal roofing sheets right out of the factory, significantly reducing wear-and-tear.

Since metal roofing is installed by the sheet, it presents far fewer nooks or crannies for mould to grow. This is also the reason that you’ll rarely see moss or lichen on metal roofs either – there’s nowhere for it to take hold!

Metal roofing Melbourne

Metal roofing installation can bring down your energy bill

We live in a time of rising energy prices. It’s only natural to want to bring down your energy bill as much as possible.

And that’s where metal roofing installation comes in.

One common myth is that a metal roof absorbs heat. This is completely false. In fact, the opposite is true – metal reflects heat away from your home (while tile can absorb it!)

Furthermore, metal roofing dissipates heat quickly, further reducing your need for cooling. Metal roofing is much thinner, and that means heat leaves quicker.

Thicker, heavier tiles on the other hand take significantly longer to cool off. This means that heat stays in your home for longer than it would with a metal roof.

Combined with modern roof sarking and insulation, metal roofing forms a powerful barrier that keeps outside heat out, while retaining your household temperature.


How roofing materials stack up in weight

Drive around any of Melbourne’s inner suburbs and look at the houses.

Chances are you’re going to see a couple of common themes:

  • Narrow plots of land, with houses to match
  • Weatherboard houses dating back to the Federation era
  • White picket fences
  • Many metal roofs

Metal roofing is disproportionately popular in the older suburbs of Melbourne. The reason? Metal roofing is lighter than tile.

Many older were built with lighter roofing materials in mind – more specifically, metal or asphalt shingles. Their frames were only engineered with those weights in mind.

As such, deciding to replace a metal or shingle roof with heavier tiles can lead to potentially disastrous consequences. We’re talking potential collapses here!

This is also the reason that metal roofing is the best choice for most factories, warehouses and other industrial facilities. The frames of these roofs lack the support needed to hold up a heavy tiled roof.

Click here to learn more about why metal roofing installation is the ideal choice for older homes.

Metal roof maintenance

Planning a new roof as part of your building project?

Choose metal roofing installation – choose Watermaster Roofing!

Choosing the right material is half of the equation. The other? Choosing a reputable, trustworthy roof installer.

With a service area that spans the entirety of Melbourne’s south-east suburbs, you can trust Watermaster Roofing with all your metal roofing needs.

What’s the Watermaster difference?

  • Experience – more than 20 years of extensive plumbing and roofing experience
  • Skill – all of our roofing specialists are fully licensed and qualified
  • Insured – our work is backed by $20 million public liability insurance

Our team offers comprehensive service for all your metal roofing needs. From metal roofing installation to ongoing maintenance, our team is there to offer quality workmanship.

Bring Melbourne’s leading metal roof experts onboard your roofing project.

Get in touch with the Watermaster team on 1300 576 075 or reach us using our online contact form.

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