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Why you should leave your new metal roof installation to the professionals!

Thanks to programs like The Block, we’re seeing an increase in DIY work and renovations. As tradies, we completely understand why. That sense of pride you get when you finish a job or share your experience with others? We feel it too - that’s why we got into trades! The issue? It’s that a lot of DIY-ers are biting off

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Why COLORBOND is the best choice for your metal roofing installation

Choosing metal roofing installation is one of the best decisions you can make for your home. Metal offers a huge list of advantages over other roofing materials like tiles or shingles. However, that doesn’t mean any old metal sheeting is up to the task of being used for your roof! It’s important to choose the right materials for any building

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Roof spring cleaning tips from our roof plumbers

Neatly tied-up rubbish bags. Old whitegoods and appliances. A well-worn sofa or two. All of these things and more popping up roadsides means just one thing: it’s time for your annual spring cleaning. If you’re the type who’s built up a huge collection of old, broken or unwanted stuff, spring cleaning can leave you almost feeling like you’re living in

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Choose the right metal roof installation team: our experts chip in!

Your roof is important. As such, support from a genuine roofing expert is essential if you want a metal roof that’ll stand the test of time. Metal roof installation is a big project. The payoff is huge: energy-efficiency and long-lived roofing, set to last you for years to come. Of course, this requires a lot of preparation, a lot of

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