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Sarking vs insulation: which does your metal roofing installation need?

Your roof protects your house from heat, cold, and Melbourne’s famously unpredictable weather conditions. However, for your roof to provide optimal protection and comfort, it needs the support of additional components like insulation or sarking.  But what exactly are these materials, and which one is more crucial for your metal roofing installation? Let’s explore. While we all know insulation’s job [...]

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A roof plumber in Melbourne explains compliance certificates

With winter in full-swing, a healthy roof is vital if you want to protect your home from hail, wind and rain. It’s not just your metal roofing sheets, however - equally as important are your roof plumbing fixtures. Any roof installation team worth its salt will also offer roof plumbing services. That’s because roof plumbing fixtures are a crucial part [...]

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The importance of roof plumbing and gutters

When it comes to roofing jobs like metal roof installations, most think about materials, insulation, cost, and timeline. Very few however, think about roof plumbing. In fact, you mightn’t even know what exactly it is. What is roof plumbing, and what role does it play in your home? Let’s find out! What exactly is roof plumbing? Your roof takes the [...]

6 things you MUST ask during your metal roof replacement project

So it’s time to replace your current tile roof with a new one - and you’re particularly interested in metal roof replacement. There are plenty of reasons to choose metal for your upcoming roofing replacement or upgrade over other roof materials: Metal roofing is durable, lasting decades Minimal maintenance saves you effort and money Huge range of different colours [...]

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Choose the right metal roof installation team: our experts chip in!

Your roof is important. As such, support from experienced and qualified metal roofing installers is essential if you want a metal roof that’ll stand the test of time. Metal roof installation is a big project. The payoff is huge:an energy efficient, durable, and beautiful roof, set to last you for years to come. Of course, this requires a lot of [...]

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