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Why metal roofing is the best choice for warehouses and factories

When it comes to commercial roofing in Melbourne, you can’t go past metal roof installation. And when it comes to factories and warehouses in particular, metal roofing can’t be beaten! When choosing roofing for warehouses and factories, aesthetics aren’t the only thing on your mind. Additionally, you think of practical matters such as strength and durability. In fact, you might

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A roof plumber in Melbourne explains compliance certificates

With winter in full-swing, a healthy roof is vital if you want to protect your home from hail, wind and rain. It’s not just your metal roofing sheets, however - equally as important are your roof plumbing fixtures. Any roof installation team worth its salt will also offer roof plumbing services. That’s because roof plumbing fixtures are a crucial part

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How COLORBOND metal roofing is designed and built for Australian conditions

“COLORBOND metal roofing: designed for Australian conditions.” This sentence features pretty heavily in all of COLORBOND’s marketing material - we’ve even referenced it a couple of times ourselves. It’s precisely this quality (among many, many others) that makes COLORBOND such a great choice for metal roofing installation, whether you live in humid Port Douglas or dry Alice Springs. But what

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What to expect from the metal roofing installation process

Has the thought of metal roofing installation crossed your mind? Whether you’re building your dream home or giving an old one a facelift, opting for a metal roof is one of the best decisions you can make for your home. And that isn’t just our bias shining through either - metal roofing is durable, low-maintenance and more eco-friendly. Most importantly,

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Our metal roof installation experts explain roof permits

“Got a permit for that?” Like many other types of building work, metal roof installation is a big job - one that involves considerable research, planning and of course, permits. And with projects this big, it’s easy for certain details to be overlooked, or slip through the cracks. We’ve talked before about some of the more common planning errors many

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