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Our metal roofing experts explain the signs of termite infestation

“Termites!” That’s one word you never want to hear when it comes to your house… especially when it comes to your roof. We’ve talked before about what sort of unwelcome guests may be staying in your roof rent-free. Each of these squatters has the potential to cause problems with your roof, and may necessitate calling an expert for roof repairs [...]

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Pros and cons of flat metal roofing for your new build

Metal roofing installation is a great way to make your house stand out from the crowd. And when you opt for a flat metal roof, it’ll stand out even more. You have probably noticed that flat roofs are back in style again, with many contemporary designs opting for flat roofs. And when it comes to flat roofs, new metal roofing [...]

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Why is corrugated metal so popular for new roof installation?

If you’ve ever gone to one of Melbourne’s inner suburbs (be it on business or pleasure), you’ll notice that a lot of the old buildings use metal roofing. Specifically, you’ll notice that almost every metal roof you encounter in the inner suburbs uses the same wave-pattern, and that usually they’re all uniformly the same unpainted grey or silver colour too. [...]

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Leaking roof? Gutter problems? Sounds like you need roof repairs!

Your roof plays a vital role in protecting your home and property from the elements. Of course, if your roof isn’t properly looked after, you won’t be able to enjoy its protection. Ideally, that means regular roof inspections and maintenance (how often depends on your current roofing material - metal roofing, for example, is much less maintenance than tiles!) And [...]

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Overdue for a roof inspection? Need urgent roof repairs in Melbourne?

Your house is one of the biggest and most costly investments that you’ll ever make. As such, it’s crucial that you look after it. In particular, it’s important that you look after your roof, too! Is your home protected from the elements by tiles or shingles? Over time, you might notice everyday wear and tear taking a toll on your [...]

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