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Why choose metal for your new roof installation?

This week, Watermaster Roofing looks at everything you need to know about metal roof installation and why it’s an excellent choice for your home!


1. Metal roofing is affordable

Fortunately, choosing a metal roof installation can be significantly more affordable than other materials like tiles. First and foremost, metal roofing is easier to manufacture than tiles, making it cheaper to purchase.

Another big difference between metal and tile roofing is that metal roof installation usually takes a fraction of the time it takes to install tiles.

Instead of individually installing, tile-by-tile, metal roofing can be cut into larger sheets, shrinking installation time significantly.

In our experience, some metal roofing jobs can be completed within a single day.

Needless to say, this saves you a bunch on labour costs.


2. Metal roofing is energy-efficient

And surprisingly so!

There are a lot of old myths about metal roofing floating around, many of which we’ve addressed and debunked (if you missed that post, you can catch up here.)

One of the most prevalent myths is about the insulating qualities of metal roofing. Many people think that choosing a metal roof will make their home unbearably hot during summer.

Needless to say, this one’s patently false.

Metal absorbs heat, yes. But so too does any roof material that sits under the sun all day. If your home has effective roof insulation installed, you’re not likely going to notice the difference between metal or any other type of roof.

Another benefit of metal roofing is that once it cools down, metal also releases heat much quicker than tiled roofs. Metal sheets are much thinner than tiles, meaning the heat that builds up in your home leaves quicker with a metal roof.

The amount of heat your metal roof absorbs is also influenced by the type of metal, colour and finish.

We choose COLORBOND metal roofing at Watermaster Roofing: it’s specially treated with heat-resistant finishes that reflect heat away from your home, helping to keep temperatures lower during summer.


3. Metal roofing is durable

Your roof “takes the bullet” for you, so to speak. All day long, it shelters you from the elements – naturally, you’ll want a roof that’ll last!

There’s a reason steel is the yardstick for toughness – it’s plain tough, with a capital T: metal roofing can easily last 50-60 years with minimal maintenance work.

COLORBOND metal roofing is also designed with harsh Australian conditions in mind and is tested in a variety of environments.

Whether you live by the coast or in the suburbs, you can rest assured that a COLORBOND metal roof will keep you sheltered for years to come.


4. Metal roofing is environmentally-friendly

  • Metal roofing is 100% recyclable
  • Once your roof reaches its use-by date, it can be melted down and reforged into something else rather than thrown in the tip
  • Metal roofing is one such sustainable material that is helping to cut landfill in Australia

And like we mentioned above, metal roofing is also extremely energy-efficient, allowing your home to achieve better climate control throughout the year. And we shouldn’t need to tell you that every bit of energy you save is great for the environment!


5. Metal roofing is low-maintenance

Not only does metal roofing allow you to stretch the “regular” part of “regular maintenance”, it also makes maintenance itself a breeze.

Tile maintenance on the other hand can be a bit of a hassle. Not only do you have to get your tiles cleaned, gaps between tiles and cracks in individual tiles must be checked, too.

Metal roofing is also significantly lighter than a tiled roof, making it the perfect choice for structures that can’t support the weight of a fully-tiled roof. If you’re getting a new roof installation for an older weatherboard house, consider a metal roof.



Considering metal roof installation?

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Getting a new roof installed in your house is a big decision, and it’s not one that should be taken lightly.

Roofing is an investment with a lot of important considerations to make – including the type of material!

Give Watermaster Roofing a call – we’ve installed, repaired, and replaced metal roofs all over Melbourne. Our experienced team is happy to guide you through each step of the metal roof installation process.

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Want to browse the COLORBOND colours? View a sample of colours and finishes here.

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