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Pros and cons of flat metal roofing for your new build

Metal roofing installation is a great way to make your house stand out from the crowd. And when you opt for a flat metal roof, it’ll stand out even more.

You have probably noticed that flat roofs are back in style again, with many contemporary designs opting for flat roofs.

And when it comes to flat roofs, new metal roofing is the only real option!

Advantages of a flat roof for your new metal roof installation

Whether you’re planning for a home renovation or is in the process of building your house, flat roofs are increasingly popular among homeowners and builders.

We’ll let you in on a bit of a secret: this type of roof only works with metal.

That’s because tiles leave small gaps between, which water can get into. This isn’t an issue with sloped roofs, as the roof angle means that the only way for water to get in is if it defies gravity and moves upwards.

In short, it’s close to impossible.

When the roof is flat however, water now has a way in. As we’ve talked about before, this can lead to a host of problems.

Metal roofing, on the other hand comes with no such limitation, as metal roofing panels are joined in a way that effectively makes them watertight.

What advantages does this offer?

Metal roofing

Flat metal roofing is more affordable

Not only is metal considerably less expensive than tiles to purchase, but flat metal roofs also require less material too.

Think about it. A flat roof inherently takes up less area than a pitched roof – you won’t have to worry about as many supports, beams or rafters.

This directly translates to fewer materials used, and that in turn leads to a less expensive project overall!

No doubt about it – if you’re cautious of your budget, flat metal roofing is a no-brainer decision!

Flat metal roofing is more accessible

Unlike pitched and sloped roofs, flat metal roofs are considerably easier to access.

While sloped roofs which require steps and guardrails to be placed first, a flat roof can be walked on without having to worry as much about special preparations.

This makes tasks such as cleaning gutters, performing metal roof repairs and installation of solar panels and satellite dishes considerably easier.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you should do it on your own! Working on your own roof is dangerous, and is a task that’s best left to the professionals, even when the roof is flat.

Not to mention, some metal roofs may dent if you step on them in the wrong place.

A metal roofing expert can easily install, clean and maintain your flat metal roofing.

Most importantly, we’ll also get the job done safely, protecting you and your home from avoidable damage.

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Flat metal roofing is more versatile

Unlike pitched or sloped metal roofing, flat metal roofs are very functional, especially if you want your roof to be more than just a shield from the elements.

In our experience, it’s much easier to install air conditioners, solar panels, and satellite dishes on metal roofs. And it gets even easier when said metal roof is flat too!

Installing these into a tiled roof often involves cutting out sections of tile and attaching mounting points to the beams and rafters underneath.

After this, you’ll need to apply many layers of waterproof material to ensure that no water gets in.

By contrast, most of these additions can be drilled directly into a metal roof, with a little bit of sealing to cover up the gaps.

Flat metal roofing is easy to maintain

Easy access to flat metal roofs allows your roofing expert in Melbourne to provide a quick fix if any roofing issues need to be addressed immediately.

More than that however, metal roofing in general is simply much easier to maintain than tile!

For starters, tile has many nooks and crannies for water to get into, and for moss, mould and other growth to take hold. Each tile has a small gap underneath it.

Metal roofing installation on the other hand creates a smooth, unbroken surface. 

That means fewer entry points for water, and a lower risk of water damage. Not to mention, you won’t have to worry about individual tiles coming loose either.

End result? A metal roof is a roof that’s considerably easier to maintain!

Disadvantages of flat metal roofing

Drainage problems… or so you might think!

Discover how our roof plumbers in Melbourne can help…

One of the oldest arguments against flat roofs is maintenance costs. You might think that a flat roof presents issues from a drainage perspective, which can lead to more frequent issues and higher maintenance costs.

The idea is that with a flat roof, water will not make its way to gutters or drains, and instead pool on the roof. If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ll no doubt be aware of the problems this can cause.

No doubt you’ll be pleased to hear that this is a total non-issue!

For starters, flat roofs are still installed with a slight pitch to allow water to drain – typically around 4 degrees.

This issue has been further mitigated thanks to modern roof plumbing. Better drainage systems mean that water is able to move off your roof, even when it’s flat.

Talk to a roof plumber in Melbourne for a roof that isn’t just more affordable to install, but more affordable to maintain too.

Heat absorption – but that’s no longer a problem!

Many people will tell you to avoid metal roofing installation, as it will “make your house hot in summer”. In particular, they’ll rail against choosing a flat metal roof as it “won’t have enough ceiling space to dissipate the heat”.

Both of these are wrong!

Yes, it’s true that metal heats up quickly.

In our experience however, it’s insulation and sarking quality that has the biggest impact on temperatures inside your home.

And the good news is that new insulation materials are extremely effective, and completely cancels out the heating effect that metal roofing can have!

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