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6 things you MUST ask during your metal roof replacement project

So it’s time to replace your current tile roof with a new one – and you’re particularly interested in metal roof replacement.

There are plenty of reasons to choose metal for your upcoming roofing replacement or upgrade over other roof materials:

  • Metal roofing is durable, lasting decades
  • Minimal maintenance saves you effort and money
  • Huge range of different colours and finishes
  • Metal looks stunning, simple as that!

Of course, as with any big decision regarding your home, metal roof replacement requires a lot of planning and careful thought. Not only is a lot of money on the line when you replace your roof, but so too is your home’s comfort!

You want to make the right decision – and that starts by doing your research.

How do I prepare for a roofing project?

Do you have a consultation for your upcoming metal roofing replacement scheduled? Have you received a quote, and are now thinking about what comes next? Or are you already partway through the replacement process?

Whatever stage of your roof replacement you’re at, you need to be informed – and that starts by asking your installation team some very important questions, such as…

1) How much will it cost?

As a major renovation, naturally cost is going to be an important factor.

While money shouldn’t be the only factor when deciding on metal roof replacement, it’s an important one regardless.

Your roofing team should be able to provide you with an accurate and itemised quote. This will help you understand all the different costs that go into your project. From materials to labour, each piece of the puzzle is critical to a beautiful, strong, and durable metal roof installation.

Some general tips that may help influence your decision include the fact that metal roofing is cheaper than tile to purchase, bringing down the cost of your roof upgrade.

Not only that, but the installation process is also generally quicker as well. For reference, tiled roof installation can be more time-consuming, as it requires each tile to be placed and secured individually.

By contrast, metal roofing comes in large sheets that are drilled directly into your roof frame. This speeds up the process, reducing the amount of labour  and can bring down the overall cost of roof replacement.

2) What type of metal roofing are you using?

Not all metal roofing products are made equal – there are a lot of different metal roofing materials out there, each with their own materials and features.

One of the first things you’ll also want to ask your roofing contractor (ideally, before work begins) what types of metal roofing they plan on using for your home.

Do they answer with a reputable brand and a solid product? Or do they offer a metal roofing supplier you’ve never heard of, even after hours of intense research?

Pay attention to the answer, and do some digging afterwards to see if it’s a brand or material that you can trust to go the distance.

For instance, we here at Watermaster Roofing choose COLORBOND metal roofing for a couple of reasons:

  • Long life and low maintenance requirements
  • Proprietary anti-rust and corrosion layers
  • Durability and material quality
  • 30 year manufacturer warranty

All of which ensures that we’re able to give your home the best roof possible!

3) Do you need a total replacement, partial replacement, or repairs?

Will your roof be able to get by with repairs or partial replacement, or does your home need a completely new metal roof? Don’t be afraid to ask your roofer for their professional opinion!

In certain instances, a well-executed repair job can significantly prolong your roof’s lifespan by a decade or more, offering upfront cost savings while preserving your home’s current aesthetic appeal. 

And while you’re at it, don’t be afraid to get a second opinion, either.

A lot of time, your roofer might try to push you towards getting your whole roof replaced, when really you might be able to get by with more comprehensive repairs.

4) What arrangements are going to be made for your old roof?

One of the understated benefits of choosing metal roofing is that it’s 100% recyclable – no need to worry about your old roof ending up in landfill.

Of course, there’s still the question of what happens to your old roof after it’s removed.

Ask your metal roofing team about the logistics – do they intend on placing a dumpster or skiff on-site to store your old roof before they take it away? And if so, where do they plan on putting it? 

Additionally, is the cost of storage or rubbish removal included in your quote?

While it may not impact your roof, it will impact your routine while work is underway – as such, it’s important that you know what’s going to happen on this front before work can begin in earnest.

new metal roof

5) What’s the plan for inclement weather?

While our metal roofing team is great at what they do, they can’t control the weather.

If the weather takes a turn for the worse part way through your metal roof installation or reroofing project, we may have to pause work until things get better.

Before work begins, be sure to ask your metal roofing team what they plan on doing if the weather turns.

Specifically, make sure that you ask:

  • What they’re going to do to protect exposed parts of your home from weather
  • How quickly they can react to the weather turning around
  • What measures they’re going to use to keep the elements out

This is especially important for roofing jobs that are projected to run over a couple of days or weeks before they’re complete – that is to say, the vast majority of reroofing projects.

6) What happens if unexpected problems arise?

As with any job, it’s not uncommon for unexpected problems to spring up without warning.

  • Flashings might need replacing as well
  • Extra water sealing might be needed to protect your roof
  • We might discover that your gutters need replacing as well

While we do our best to plan, nothing changes the fact that sometimes things don’t go the way we predicted. And when this happens, it’s important that your roofing team has a process in place for situations just like this.

Be sure to ask about whether or not your contract covers additional work, and what sort of process you’ll need to go through to add extra work to your metal roofing replacement.

Your go-to team for all your metal roofing needs

From metal roof installation, to roofing upgrades, our team is ready to take your call

If you want to upgrade your roof with a stunning, low-maintenance metal one, you’ll need to start by doing your research.

Part of that is creating a list of questions to ask when your roof replacement gets underway – the other part of that is making sure that you choose a metal roofing team that you can trust to give your home the roof it deserves!

With 20 years of experience in roof replacement in Melbourne, our team of metal roofing experts make sure that your home is protected against the elements.

What’s more, we’re more than happy to answer any questions you may have, whether they’re about the process itself or what to expect from your reroofing project.

All you need to do is give us a call on 1300 576 075 or click here to touch base online.

You can also visit us for metal roofing in Melbourne: pop into our headquarters at 9/22 George St Sandringham, VIC 3191, if you prefer a more hands-on approach.

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