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How metal roofing installation boosts your home value

If you’re looking for ways to increase your home’s value, the best place to start is at the top - with your roof! We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: metal roofing installation in Melbourne can dramatically bump up your home’s value. Whether you’re thinking of installing a new roof or replacing an old one, metal roofing is one of the best ways on how to increase one’s home value. But how? Whether you’re a property investor or a homeowner who’s looking to sell in the future, we suggest getting comfortable and reading on! How metal roofing installation [...]

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What gauge should your metal roofing installation in Melbourne use?

It’s a little-understood part of the roofing process - and really, we aren’t surprised. While crucial, it’s also somewhat… bland. Who wants to talk about metal roof gauge when they could be talking about the more exciting stuff, like: What colour your brand new metal roof is going to be? How a new metal roof is going to increase your home’s value? The ease-of-maintenance that comes with metal roofing? If you ask us, roof gauge is up there with roof plumbing, ventilation and air gaps as one of the most important criteria when planning metal roof installation in Melbourne. And [...]

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Back in black: is black right for your metal roof installation?

When it comes to metal roofing installation, the sky’s the limit! If you ask us, there’s no type of roofing more versatile and flexible than metal roofing. It can be installed in all sorts of roofs and applications that would be impossible for a traditional tile roof. It isn’t just the shape, either - there’s no limit to the colours your metal roof can be. In particular, a lot of homeowners in Melbourne have decided to go with black roofs. It’s not just metal, either - black is appearing in more and more roofs throughout the city and its suburbs. [...]

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Need roof repairs in Melbourne? Common roof problems

Your house is one of the most valuable and costly investments that you’ll ever make. And as with anything worth that much money, it’s crucial that your investment receives proper maintenance and care. And it all starts with your roofing. Harsh weather conditions, wear and tear, debris… all of these can cause your metal roofing to fall into a state of disrepair. In addition to affecting your roof, it can also lead to damage in the rest of your house! As much as possible, homeowners should keep on top of  any roofing problems they may encounter. Have you noticed any [...]

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4 simple tips for metal roof maintenance

Almost a month has passed by, yet we’re still finding evidence of January’s dust rain popping up everywhere we look. In corners, underneath bins, tucked away behind the garden shed… it almost makes you want to spray the whole town with a hose! And of course, who could forget your roof? Most of us don’t pay much attention to our roofs. In fact, there’s a chance that there’s still some dust lingering on roofs throughout the city. Needless to say, this can affect your curb appeal! Like any other types of roof, metal roof maintenance and cleaning are crucial if [...]

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What metal should you choose for your metal roofing installation?

So you've decided on metal roofing installation for your home - a wise decision, if you ask us. That’s the first major resolution out of the way. Of course, when it comes to something as important as your roof, there will be many other decisions you’ll have to make. Chief among them, what type of metal you should choose for your roof. That may include: The base metal itself Coatings applied Specific alloy/blend Each of these can have a dramatic impact on how long your roof lasts, as well as how much effort is needed to take care of it. [...]

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Sarking vs insulation: which does your metal roofing installation need?

Your roof protects your house from heat, cold, and Melbourne’s famously unpredictable weather conditions. Of course, your roof isn’t alone in this fight. It needs allies and support to keep the outside world away from you. Enter, insulation and sarking. While we all know insulation’s job of forming a barrier against heat from outdoors and maintaining indoor temperature, fewer people understand the role sarking plays in your roof. So, what is the difference? And which one matters more for your upcoming metal roofing installation? What is roofing insulation? We all know how insulation works - it stops heat from getting [...]

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Common roof insulation problems from our metal roofing team

Your roof serves as an outer shell that protects your home from harsh elements in the environment, such as rain, heat, snow, tree branches and leaves, and normal wear and tear.  It will keep you safe and warm during winter, and should work hard to keep you cool during summer. The roof, as a protective home gear, is massive in size, but it’s not the only thing working to protect your home. Your roof is made up of complex engineering and consists of elements that, combined, provide superior protection.  But how can you ensure that your roof is properly insulated? [...]

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5 things you should know about metal roofing

Metal roofing has quickly become one of the most reliable roofing materials that homeowners and property developers choose for their domestic and commercial properties. And over the years, metal roofing has achieved considerable advancement over its design and creation. More and more people are choosing metal roofing over other roofing materials - for a variety of impressive reasons.  Contrary to popular belief, there are a lot of things that you might not know about metal roofing. While we love to sing the praises of metal roofing, we understand that this material doesn’t go without its doubters. So this week, we [...]

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What makes metal roofing installation superior to tiles or shingles?

The success of any building design is determined by a range of factors - chief among them, the materials used. In addition to the durability of the property, materials also have a tangible impact on energy efficiency, maintenance costs, and longevity. Nowhere is this more true than with your roof. Replacing your roof with a new one is a major decision to make. Your choice of roofing type will impact your roof’s performance, your bills, and your comfort for years to come. New roofing installation or roof replacement is a costly project. And when some people hear about expense, they [...]

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