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Are metal roofing or shingles better for your home?

The success of any roofing project depends on the quality of the roofing materials you will use. Yep, it isn’t just your home’s appearance that’s on the line! The material you choose for your roof can directly affect how much maintenance you need to do, how long your roof lasts, indoor temperatures and even electricity usage - that’s why this is such an important decision. When planning roof installation in Melbourne, you’ll have to start by deciding which roofing material is the best fit for your roofing project. We’ve talked about metal roofing vs tiles before - but how does [...]

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COVID-safe metal roof installation from Watermaster Roofing

Metal roofing installation and roof repairs in Melbourne have been essential services - even as we leave lockdown and begin our “new normal” following COVID. Though there have been a few social restrictions set in place, we know that delaying a roofing emergency is, in most cases, something you’re not willing to do. And with health and safety a growing priority, our roofing experts in Melbourne want to reassure our valued clients of the precautions we are taking to ensure safety, and now more than ever, the health standards set and recommended by Australian and Victorian health departments. Our team [...]

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5 reasons you need a roof inspection before buying a new house

Pre-purchase inspection? Check. Electrical inspection? Check. Plumbing check-up? Check. Roofing inspection? Uh... You wouldn’t buy something unless you’ve seen it with your own eyes and made sure everything’s in order. And you especially wouldn’t if it’s a big purchase like buying a new house. Unfortunately, most of the time, homeowners overlook the role of a roof plumber in Melbourne in checking their home, as well as the importance of conducting a house inspection. They assume that the roof is an immovable object, and that in most cases, it’ll be just fine. Your pre-purchase checklist list should include consulting a professional roof [...]

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Do’s and don’ts: Choosing the right metal roofing team in Melbourne

Your home is one of your valuable assets. And your roof is one of the most important parts of that asset - in addition to protecting you from the elements, a good metal roof can also: Bring down your power bills Stay beautiful with minimum maintenance Make your home look fantastic That’s why it’s so important that you take good care of it. All of this begins by making sure that you choose the right team to look after your metal roof installation! Not only will choosing the right expert roof contractor will save you time and money, but it [...]

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Gutters draining slowly? You might have a stormwater blockage!

What comes to mind when you think of roof plumbing problems? Odds are you think of things like: Gutter leaks Drooping gutters Rust and decay Blocked downspouts (And that’s if you think of them at all to begin with - as our roof plumbers in Melbourne have said time and time again, roof plumbing is one part of your roof health that often gets overlooked!) One part of your roof plumbing system that often gets overlooked is your stormwater drainage. After all, your roof plumbing is designed to channel stormwater off your roof - if your drains are blocked, it’ll [...]

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5 questions to ask your roof plumber in Melbourne

We all know how important a strong, healthy roof is. What Melbourne homeowners are less familiar with is the importance of your roof plumbing and guttering. You've probably heard us say it before, but we'll repeat it once more: your roof plumbing plays an important role in your home's drainage system. Gutters, spouts and downpipes need to be cared for and maintained if your roof is to stay strong and healthy. If it wasn’t on your priority list already, it needs to be! And that means getting in touch with a specialist roof plumber. Just one question: how do you [...]

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Should you repair or replace your roof plumbing and guttering?

“To repair or not to repair, that is the question.” Repair or replace is one of those questions that pops up time and time again - normally for appliances like your smartphone but occasionally, for parts of your house like your gutters. Luckily, your gutters (assuming they’re well-maintained, cleaned and looked after) can go a lot longer before you need to start asking this question! Sometimes however, you reach the point where work needs to be done. And that’s when you need to decide between gutter repairs, or just redoing the whole thing. Truth is, there’s no easy yes-or-no answer [...]

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7 common gutter problems that your metal roofing expert can easily handle

Ever thought of your gutters lately? Yeah, that’s what we thought. Your metal roofing, as one of the most important parts of your house, gets a lot of attention paid towards whether it’s holding up and well-maintained. Unfortunately, your gutters rarely get the same attention. After all, gutters serve to protect your house, keeping water away from your home's foundation and ensuring that stormwater drains properly. Good gutter maintenance ensures that they’re able to continue performing this vital role. Fail to do so, and your guttering system might run into a range of different guttering problems, some of the most [...]

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6 things you MUST ask during your metal roof replacement project

So it’s time to replace your current roof with a new one - specifically, a new metal roof. There are a lot of reasons to go with metal roof installation for your upcoming roofing replacement or upgrade over other roof materials (and we aren’t just saying that because we work with the stuff): Metal roofing is durable, lasting decades Minimal maintenance saves you effort and money Huge range of different colours and finishes Metal looks stunning, simple as that! Of course, as with any big decision regarding your home, metal roof replacement requires a lot of planning and careful thought. [...]

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What happens during a metal roof inspection? A roof plumber explains!

Metal roofing is strong. It’s durable. It’s low-maintenance. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you can just leave your metal roof and never think about maintaining it! Every homeowner knows that metal roof installation is a major investment in your property that will probably outlast your time living in said house. And just like any other investments, it’s crucial that you look after it by keeping it well-maintained and continuing to give it attention and care. Keeping your metal roofing installation in good condition begins with regular roof inspections, during which a professional roof plumber will carefully look over every [...]

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