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COVID-safe metal roof installation from Watermaster Roofing

Metal roofing installation and roof repairs in Melbourne have been essential services – even as we leave lockdown and begin our “new normal” following COVID.

Though there have been a few social restrictions set in place, we know that delaying a roofing emergency is, in most cases, something you’re not willing to do.

And with health and safety a growing priority, our roofing experts in Melbourne want to reassure our valued clients of the precautions we are taking to ensure safety, and now more than ever, the health standards set and recommended by Australian and Victorian health departments.

Our team understands that metal roofing installation or roofing repairs are big endeavours, and something that is not decided lightly.

They’re a large investment, so we make it our mission to ensure your roof functions exactly as it should, protecting your home from external elements and maintaining its structural foundation.

In addition to our signature tradesmanship, health and safety has seamlessly been integrated into our processes.

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COVID-safe new roof installation

Things to consider if you’re thinking about new roof installation

New metal roofing installation is something that doesn’t (and shouldn’t!) be rushed.

We know that this is a big investment, and that you expect it to last a long time and add tremendous resale value to your home.

Step 1: prioritise health and safety

In any such case, Watermaster Roofing prioritises the safety of our team and our clients.

Additionally, during this time, we’ve also increased our cleaning and sanitation methods, have eliminated physical contact (no handshakes, but we’ll always greet you with a smile!) are keeping our distance, and wearing quality face masks whenever necessary.

We put together a COVID-safe plan for our team that was quickly implemented so that we could continue offering our services in a safe manner.

In addition to these, our roofing team will continue to:

  • Clean and sanitise roofing equipment and tools
  • Wipe and cleaning any areas or surface that we have worked on
  • Clean and sanitise our trucks
  • Adopting social distancing measures
  • A strict policy on staff and workers who show any symptoms and advise them to remain at home and get tested

All these policies must be strictly followed and implemented when you choose your metal roofing team in Melbourne.

We want to protect our team as much as our clients, so we also ask that any customers who are feeling unwell or are displaying associated symptoms to inform us as soon as possible so that we can reschedule your appointment.

Read Watermaster Roofing’s complete COVID-safe approach here.

Step 2: organise a roof inspection

The first step begins with a thorough roof assessment of your property, where our roofing expert will provide an easy-to-understand roofing report, highlighting any problems, concerns, or potential issues that could lead to larger disasters.

This process requires little input from our client; we’ll hop up onto your roof and safely assess the area.

Then, we’ll provide you with a written checklist and can explain things verbally so you know exactly the condition of your roof, gutters, and plumbing, and what repairs may be recommended or needed.

We can leave our findings with you and provide you a quote for our recommended services or repairs.

During the inspection, we will assess:

  • Roof leaks
  • Insulation
  • Gutters
  • Damage

Learn more about what happens during a roof inspection from our Melbourne roof plumbers.

Step 3: explore roofing materials and options

Tiles. Shingles. Metal sheets.

There are so many options out there – it can be confusing when trying to decide on your chosen roofing material!

We at Watermaster may be a little biased, but we truly believe that metal roofing is the most effective, efficient, durable, and long-lasting roofing material.

Quality roofing materials will help you determine its longevity, so if you want a roof that lasts, choose metal!

  • Low-maintenance
  • Metal sheets are fully recyclable and the end of their life cycle
  • Fire-resistant
  • Fewer nooks and crannies for leaks to seep into your home
  • Large metal sheets are easier (and quicker) to install than tiles
  • Durable – lasting up to 50 years!

As mentioned earlier, a new roof is an investment – so always think ‘long-term’ and never settle for a roof material purely because it’s the cheaper option.

And finally – step 4: choose the right metal roofing team in Melbourne!

So – you’ve explored the pros and cons of different types of roofing materials.

You understand the importance of choosing a team with a solid COVID-safe plan in place that keeps them – and their clients – safe.

You’re ready to organise a roof inspection to find out the condition of your roof and solve those lingering roof plumbing problems.

Now, it’s time to choose the right roof installation team.

Dedicated to roofing services delivered to the highest standard, Thom and the Watermaster team are as passionate about client education as they are about metal roofing.

We offer a full suite of metal roofing services, including:

With more than 20 years of experience, you can trust Watermaster Roofing for all your metal roofing and roof plumbing needs.

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