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A metal roofing installation expert explains the importance of ventilation

You’ve started noticing dirty looking spots all over your home.

Mould, algae and fungus levels are off the chart.

Your house feels way more humid than it should be.

You’ve looked everywhere to find the source of the problem, but you can’t find any leaks or cracks to pin the blame on.

We’ll tell you why. It’s because your humidity and mould problems aren’t anything to do with your home… rather, it’s an issue with your roof ventilation!


The role of metal roof ventilation in your home

If you ask us, roof ventilation is an underrated part of your metal roofing installation (and in fact, your home in general!)

That’s because hot, humid air rises.

While builders do their best to limit this, hot humid air enters your roof cavity through light fixtures, roof hatches and more. Without proper roof ventilation, this air has nowhere to go and gets trapped in your roof cavity.

Needless to say, having a permanent reservoir of hot, wet air in your roof isn’t exactly great for the health of your roof… or your home!

As such, a well-ventilated metal roof is essential. By providing a means for hot air to escape and for cool outside air to replace it, you can…

1) Extend the life of your metal roof and ceiling

We’ve talked time and time again about how a leaky roof doesn’t just degrade your roof, but also damages your ceiling (sometimes to the point of almost collapsing!)

Needless to say, a poorly ventilated roof that’s full of warm, moist air has a similar effect.

That’s because plasterboard is highly porous, and takes on water quickly. Over time, this can lead to your ceiling weakening to the point where it starts staining and sagging.

Not to mention, it also creates the perfect environment for mould to take hold.

In these cases, you might have entire colonies of mould, fungi, and bacteria in your ceiling and not even realise it!

By the time it starts presenting visible symptoms (on the ceiling side, at least) it’s often too late, having damaged your insulation and rafters, often necessitating complete ceiling or metal roof replacement.

2) Stop extreme temperature swings

Have you ever gone from one room to another and realised on is noticeably warmer than the other?

Is the ground ice-cold while the rest of the room is a comfortable temperature?

In both of these cases (and more), the fault may lie with a poorly ventilated roof.

A warm ceiling cavity radiates heat, and this can spill over from your ceiling to the inside of your home.

Luckily for you, this can be avoided with a properly ventilated roof.

Your metal roofing installation expert can come in and improve your roof ventilation. This provides a means for hot air to escape and for cooler air to replace it.

All of this helps you enjoy a more comfortable home year-round.

And while we’re on the topic of temperature swings…

metal roof

3) Bring down your power bill with roof ventilation

What do you do if you feel like the temperature in your home is a bit out of whack?

Why, you turn on your air conditioner of course.

The problem is that poor ventilation can’t be fixed with air conditioning. It’s just a symptom of the real problem – unless you fix your ventilation, your air conditioner is fighting a losing battle to keep your home cool.

Not to mention, if you have a ducted cooling system the hot air in your ceiling cavity can cause the air inside to warm up.

All of this means your air conditioner needs to work overtime to keep your home comfortable. It’ll need to run longer and use more energy.

And that means a bigger energy bill!

Ventilation is a critical part of metal roof installation

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