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Need metal roof repairs for a dodgy roof installation

Worried about dodgy, poorly installed roofing in your home or business?

If so, we don’t blame you – your roof is pretty darn important, after all! As the main barrier between your comfort and the elements, it’s crucial that your roof is tough and built to last.

Not only is the situation stressful, but costly.

A poorly installed roof can lead to numerous expensive problems in the future, and can often only be fixed with metal roof repairs from the Masters…

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Good roofing starts with metal roofing installation

Roofing, as many of us know, is one major home improvement that should never be overlooked.

Besides choosing the right metal roofing material, you’ll also need to carefully vet your roofing team, as workmanship makes a big difference when building a strong, long-lasting metal roof for your home.

Additionally, it’s just as important that you rely on a reputable team for metal roof repairs and maintenance.

Shoddy repair work can lead to problems persisting, which in turn can lead to problems in your home.

In the process of choosing a metal roofing team? Click here to learn how to identify a dodgy roofer.

Signs of a bad roofing job

So you’ve just moved into a new place, and absolutely love the metal roof it comes with. Not only is it low-maintenance, but it looks fantastic.

As the months roll by however, you start noticing certain issues popping up in your home.

In some cases, they may be caused by a dodgy roof installation job!

Here are some of the signs that your home’s previous roofer  wasn’t worth it after all…

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Roof leaks

There are a handful of situations where a brand-new metal roof may leak, many of which are completely out of your control:

  • Wild weather
  • Exceptionally strong winds
  • Storm damage
  • Falling branches and debris

In other cases however, it should be taken as a sure sign that your metal roofing installer simply wasn’t up to the task!

Metal roofing is inherently strong and durable, lasting decades with only minimal maintenance.

If you’re experiencing leaks that are out of control in your roof and ceiling only a handful of years into your roof’s life, take this as a huge red flag that you have a poorly installed metal roof.

In particular, the root cause of your leaks may be:

  • Off-center or under-driven fasteners
  • Incorrect seams
  • Incorrect flashing
  • Failure to follow metal roofing installation guidelines

With good workmanship, this shouldn’t be a problem at all – metal roofing installers have long established best practices and techniques to avoid such eventualities.

Suffering from a roof leak? Call us today on 1300 576 075.

Metal scratching and scuffing

Your roofer understands that your roof is more than just a barrier against the weather – it’s also an important part of your home’s appearance.

Luckily, manufacturers of metal roofing such as COLORBOND offer a wide variety of colours and finishes to ensure that your house looks fantastic, roof and all.

These paints and finishes are strong – however, rough handling can lead to your metal roofing getting scuffed and suffering from scratches.

It’s unlikely to be a manufacturer issue. And you certainly didn’t do it – that only leaves the team that executed your metal roofing installation.

As we mentioned above, these paints and coatings are tough. It takes a lot of rough handling to leave scratches, marks and dents. In our experience, you almost have to go out of your way to damage them.

Therefore, if your roofer has left visible traces of their handiwork on your metal roof, just think to yourself: what else could they have treated roughly while they were at work?

Luckily, Watermaster Roofing aims to smash the stereotype of rough, careless tradies. We handle your roof repairs with care, and make sure we leave every site spotless – our worksite is your home, after all!

Low-quality metal roofing materials

You can tell a lot about a roofer based on the brands they use during metal roofing installation.

It stands to reason that good roofers will use high-quality metal roofing materials that are strong, and which will last for years.

Therefore, it also stands to reason that dodgy roofers will instead opt for cheaper, less durable brands.

If you notice corrosion and degradation in your metal roofing years too early, you may have had a dodgy installer when the house was first built.

At Watermaster Roofing, we primarily use COLORBOND metal roofing.

In our opinion, it’s the market leader in terms of strength and durability – you’ll easily go decades without worrying about decay and corrosion.

Poor gutter systems

Guttering is an important part of metal roofing installation – it’s also one that often gets overlooked.

A poor guttering system can result in mould and mildew growth, as well as leaks, water damage and damage to foundations.

Unfortunately, many dodgy roofers will cut corners when they get to roof repairs like gutters. 

Some might not even be qualified roof plumbers themselves, as that’s a separate qualification altogether from roof installation!

How to resolve roofing problems from a poor installation job 

So you’ve noticed several of these signs in your metal roof. Now the important part: what can you do?

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Step 1: Book a metal roofing inspection

Book a metal roofing inspection… this time with a metal roof installation team team that knows their stuff!

This will help identify the specific deficiencies in your metal roofing installation, and help determine what can be done to remedy the issue.

Step 2: Organise metal roof repairs

With your new roofing team on your side, you can rest easy knowing that your metal roofing repairs are being executed by a team that you can trust to carry it out properly.

How can you be sure?

A qualified roofer will give you a work guarantee in the form of a compliance certificate that confirms that all work was carried out to a high standard and in accordance with VBA standards.

When dealing with a badly installed roof, don’t make the same mistake twice.

Put your trust in a qualified, experienced roofing team like Watermaster Roofing – we’ll ensure your metal roofing replacements and repairs are done right this time.

Don’t be a victim of a poor metal roof installation

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Our team of metal roofing experts has been in the business of metal roofing installations and repairs for 20 years.

Using only the highest-quality materials, tools and methods, we ensure that your roof is long-lasting and beautiful.

You can always trust our Masterful roofing team’s expertise and knowledge, no matter what metal roofing services you need:

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