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How metal roofing installation stacks up against tiles

Planning a new roof as part of your building project? Unsure which roofing material is best suited for what you have in mind? Homeowners are spoilt for choice nowadays when it comes to choosing a material for their new roofing installation. And if you ask us, metal roofing installation rules the roost. If your goal is to get the best roof for your building project, then you can’t go wrong with metal roofing installation. So, how does metal roofing stack up against its main competitor, tiles?   Choose a roofing material that doesn’t break the bank There’s no getting around [...]

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The dos and don’ts of metal roof installation

Admittedly, we may be a bit biased when we say this, but metal roof installation can be one of the best decisions you make for your home. When it comes to durability, energy efficiency and safety, metal roofing is the number one choice. And more and more homeowners are taking note, choosing metal roofing over other roofing materials. The recent uptake of metal roofing comes with its own problems however. Namely, a lot of homeowners don’t know the first thing about looking after their shiny new metal roofs. In many cases, it’s even led to considerable roofing damage! Fortunately, metal [...]

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Benefits and considerations of installing skylights in your home

Does your house feel a little bit dim? We don’t blame you for wanting to add a little sun to your living room or hallways. A good amount of natural light can make your home feel warmer, bigger and more inviting! Sunlight has even been linked to mental health and wellbeing. Here’s an idea: have you thought about installing a skylight in your home along with your new metal roof? The benefits of skylights How much time to do you think you spend indoors? 70% of your day? More? Whatever the exact percentage, it’s a lot. And while some of [...]

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4 important considerations when getting a new metal roof

Tired of putting up with a leaky, damaged, or old roof? You might have even added “new roof” to your list of home improvement to-dos for 2018. Comfort and functionality go a long way in keeping up with the demands of maintaining a nice home, and that includes your roof. Here are some important things to consider when getting a new metal roof.   1. Find the right roofing contractor in Melbourne While you might like to conduct your own research initially, selecting the right roofing contractor is such an important step you must take! In fact, after research, it [...]

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3 ways metal roofing can help the environment

The environment is on everybody’s lips nowadays. It may have taken a while, but better late than never, we say! Now there’s environmentally-friendly everything - from lightbulbs to showerheads, there’s a green alternative for almost everything you use in your house. Not only does it help protect our natural environment, but it can also save you quite a bit of money at the same time! So, it should come as no surprise that your roof can also play a role in reducing your impact on our planet. Metal roofing has a tangible impact on your energy use, among other things. [...]

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What’s involved in metal roof replacement?

Quality roofing is crucial to the structural integrity of your home. If your roof is damaged or otherwise compromised, your lifestyle and day-to-day routine can be hit pretty hard. After all, it’s hard to sleep, eat dinner or just relax when there’s a gaping hole in your roof. On top of that, a well-maintained roof adds value to your home. Of course, installing a new roof or re-roofing your old house is a big commitment to make. We don’t blame you for wanting to understand the entire process that roof installers go through... in fact, it can be highly beneficial [...]

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Metal roof replacement: 5 signs you may need a new roof!

As the owner of an older home, you may not have spent too much time wondering whether you need a new roof. But what you mightn’t know is if your roof is reaching the end of its life, or whether it’s causing concealed damage within your home. But just how are you supposed to know whether your roof needs replacing or not? In our experience, there are a couple of red flags that you ought to keep an eye on. If you see any of these five warning signs in your home, it might be a good idea to add [...]

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