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Why is corrugated metal so popular for new roof installation?

If you’ve ever gone to one of Melbourne’s inner suburbs (be it on business or pleasure), you’ll notice that a lot of the old buildings use metal roofing.

Specifically, you’ll notice that almost every metal roof you encounter in the inner suburbs uses the same wave-pattern, and that usually they’re all uniformly the same unpainted grey or silver colour too.

(Don’t worry, these aren’t the only options for metal roof installation anymore!)

Have you ever wondered why this type of metal roofing is so prevalent?

Wonder no more – today, our metal roof installation experts in Melbourne explain the idea behind corrugated metal roofing – and why it’s the perfect fit for so many homes and buildings across Melbourne.

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Corrugated metal roofing, explained

Your roof puts up with a lot of pressure over the years, protecting your home from the elements as well as debris.

The problem with early metal roofs is that they simply weren’t strong enough to handle all of this abuse.

Common problems with the earliest metal roofs were that they would often dent or warps, especially during hail. Needless to say, this wasn’t ideal!

As a result, metal was seldom used as a roofing material. And when it was, it was almost exclusively reserved for landmark buildings, and not regular old houses or businesses.

This all changed in 1828, when corrugated metal hit the market.

Instead of installing flat sheets, metal roofing panels would first be pressed into that distinctive wave-shape pattern using a series of rollers.

It sounds relatively straightforward – however, this simple idea dramatically increased the strength of metal roofing panels, and turned metal into a viable roofing material practically overnight!

What makes corrugated metal roof installation so strong?

Here’s an experiment: hold a piece of A4 paper in front of you and give it your best karate chop. Notice how the paper gives way almost immediately.

Now repeat the experiment, but with a piece of paper that has been folded in a manner similar to a paper fan. Notice how now, the paper is much more resilient.

Essentially, that’s what happens to metal sheets when they’re rolled into that distinctive wave-shaped pattern!

The wave shape serves to redistribute and disperse the force from impacts.

Instead of hitting the metal sheet dead-on, a rock or large hailstone will hit the sloped part of the wave-pattern, absorbing much of the shock, and reducing the damage compared to a direct impact.

That means a waved metal roof reduces the risk of:

  • Dents
  • Warping
  • Buckling

This gives metal roofing the best strength to weight ratio of any roofing material.

Metal already has fantastic tensile strength, which the corrugation process only enhances. Not to mention, it’s easier to install that tiles or shingles.

Finally, the peaks and valleys give this type of roofing superior water-shedding properties – just another reason to choose metal roof installation!

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Is corrugated metal more prone to rust?

When we think about corrugated metal roofs, the rusted roof is essentially an Australian icon.

As a result, the first thing out of many customers’ mouths is whether or not corrugated metal roofing is more prone to rust.

The good news is that it isn’t. The actual reason so many inner-city metal roofs are covered in rust is because they’re old, and were installed during a time when metallurgy wasn’t as developed as it is today.

With new roof installation however, this isn’t a concern.

Developments in metallurgy mean that today’s metal roofs are considerably more rust-resistant than those of old.

Metal roofs from brands like COLORBOND take it even further, using unique coating technology to dramatically improve corrosion resistance throughout Australia’s many varied biomes.

COLORBOND’s unique paints and finishes also mean metal roofing now comes in a wider variety of colours than ever before. Best of all, you won’t have to worry about it fading!

Does all metal roof installation need corrugated metal?

With the sheer number of corrugated metal roofs in Australian cities, it’s no surprise that the corrugated tin roof has become an Aussie icon of sorts.

When most of us think of metal roofing installation, chances are this is the first thing that comes to mind.

Unfortunately, this stereotype also stops many homeowners from choosing a metal roof for their home!

Some homeowners aren’t big fans of the wavy pattern, preferring a cleaner look for their roof.

Luckily for you, corrugated metal isn’t the only choice for metal roofing installation!

Standing seam metal roofing

Many leading metal roofing manufacturers including COLORBOND are also offering standing seam as an option for new roof installation.

Unlike corrugated metal roofing, standing seam metal roofing presents a cleaner appearance with its flatter panels only broken up by vertical ridges – these are the seams that gives standing seam roofing its name.

These seams are a locking system that’s used to connect panels to one another. Seams from different panels are crimped together and sealed to form a strong joint. In some cases, sheets of standing seam roofing can be clipped together using a snap-lock mechanism.

Instead of a ripple, standing seam gives you a flat roof, with only small ridges breaking up the flat surface.

If the ripple-style pattern of traditional metal roofing isn’t really your speed, then standing seam offers a fantastic-looking alternative, with a cleaner appearance than traditional corrugated metal.

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