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DIY roof plumbing and guttering mistakes (and why you should leave it to a pro!)

Roof plumbing isn’t something that most homeowners think about. Even among the ones that do, many of them don’t realise that there are dedicated professionals whose entire job it is to look after roof plumbing! Because of this, our roof plumbers in Melbourne are frequently called out to fix a range of different botched DIY roof plumbing jobs. Your roof plumbing is a crucial part of your home, serving a variety of different (and often underappreciated) functions. A bad roof plumbing job can result in a range of issues, which is why it’s so important to get it right by [...]

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Time for a new metal roof? Here’s what to keep an eye on

There are some things in your home that you’ll need to replace on a regular basis. For example, most homes burn through (no pun intended) smoke alarms every couple of years as they reach their use-by-date and newer tech enters the market. However, there are some parts that most houses never get replaced - case in point, metal roofing installation. For most homes, the roof they’re built with is the one they use for a majority of their time standing. This is because roofs are tough. No matter what roofing material you use, your home’s roof is guaranteed to last [...]

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Ask a roof plumber: what’s the best type of gutter?

Guttering might be pretty low on your priority list when building or renovating your home. However, gutters are an important decision that can have long-term effects on your roof and home. And we aren’t just saying that because we’re roof plumbers (though admittedly we are a smidge biased)  Unfortunately, it’s one part of a home that a lot of homeowners don’t really put much thought into! There’s more to your gutters than meets the eye. While all gutters perform the same role, that’s where the similarities end. That’s what our roof plumbers in Melbourne are here to explain. Things you [...]

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How often should you clean your gutters? A roof plumber explains

If you ask our roof plumbers in Melbourne, your roof doesn't get enough credit. And a lot of that comes from simply not knowing the ins and outs about how your roof is constructed. Because of this, not many realise that their roof is more than just a layer of sheet metal or tile - it’s an entire system, with different parts and components that all work together to help keep you comfortable and dry, made up of: Your roof itself Insulation that keeps the temperature comfortable Sarking that acts as a moisture barrier and prevents excess moisture buildup Gutters [...]

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Roof leak? Our roof plumbers explain what you need to do!

Drip. Drip. Drip Uh-oh. Not another leaking tap? Not quite… No, this time, the leak isn’t coming from your sink. So, where is it then? Here’s a tip: look up. Roof leaks are one of the worst things that can happen to your home. You shouldn’t need a roof plumber to tell you that - your roof is meant to keep the weather out, after all, and if it’s leaking, something is seriously wrong! So your roof, after many years of faithful service, has decided to spring a leak. What should you do next? Our roof plumbers explain why roof [...]

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Can you install a new metal roof on top of an old one?

When it comes to metal roof installation, our team of roof plumbers in Melbourne get a lot of common questions. A lot of these questions revolve around heat (not an issue) or noise (a non-issue nowadays). Sometimes however, we get some more out-there queries. For example, you’d be surprised how many people ask whether it’s possible to install a new metal roof directly over an old one. You may be chuckling to yourself. “Who would ask something like that? Of course reroofing requires you to strip the old one first.” Yeah, about that… we think the following information might surprise [...]

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A roof plumber in Melbourne explains metal roofing installation standards

Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home. Responsible for protecting your home from the outside elements, it puts up with a lot of pressure over its lifetime. While a certain degree of wear is natural, you’ll want your roof to last as long as possible keeping out the weather, heat and more. Luckily, Australian building codes lay out strict standards for metal roofing installation in order to ensure that your roof continues to keep your home safe and comfortable! But what are these standards, anyway? You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for [...]

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Does new metal roof installation lower your insurance premiums?

As with all things insurance, it’s hard to give a definitive answer regarding your premiums. It all depends on your: Policy Assessor Property That being said however, there is a chance that by choosing metal roof installation or replacing your old roof with a new metal roof, you could bring your insurance premiums down. First thing’s first: metal roofing will NOT increase your insurance premiums When assessing your insurance premiums and excess, insurers look at your risk. The higher they rate your risk, the more you’ll have to pay and the higher your excess will be. Many people assume that [...]

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What gauge should your metal roofing installation in Melbourne use?

It’s a little-understood part of the roofing process - and really, we aren’t surprised. While crucial, it’s also somewhat… bland. Who wants to talk about metal roof gauge when they could be talking about the more exciting stuff, like: What colour your brand new metal roof is going to be? How a new metal roof is going to increase your home’s value? The ease-of-maintenance that comes with metal roofing? If you ask us, roof gauge is up there with roof plumbing, ventilation and air gaps as one of the most important criteria when planning metal roof installation in Melbourne. And [...]

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Need roof repairs in Melbourne? Common roof problems

Your house is one of the most valuable and costly investments that you’ll ever make. And as with anything worth that much money, it’s crucial that your investment receives proper maintenance and care. And it all starts with your roofing. Harsh weather conditions, wear and tear, debris… all of these can cause your metal roofing to fall into a state of disrepair. In addition to affecting your roof, it can also lead to damage in the rest of your house! As much as possible, homeowners should keep on top of  any roofing problems they may encounter. Have you noticed any [...]

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